Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Puzzle toys

I won this puzzle toy for YX via blog months ago. This is actually not the original winning prize, but a replacement. After the winning was announced, I received an e-mail from the organizer that they will arranged for the toy to be sent to me. However, 1 month later, I still did not receive my prize. I sent them an e-mail to check on the status and was only told that their supplier has misplaced the original winning prize and they will replace me with someting else. If I agree, then they will proceed with the shipping. Well, not knowing what they will be sending (as no picture to see), but through the descriptions, I just agreed.

And 1 week later, the prize finally arrives.............

As what was told, the above toy contain more blocks / shapes than the original winning prize. Not too bad either as YX managed to learn the shapes and colours from this toy.

Comes together with a few cards .....

And the final outcome ........

At least this toy really keep YX busy for a while and he really concentrate in doing it. He even ensure all the blocks / shapes are place correctly inside the line. He will push softly to make sure they are neatly placed.
However, as usual, after he enjoyed himself with the toys, I will have to threaten him to pick up his toys with a cane ! Otherwise, I will be the 'maid' !


  1. Congrats. This will keep the little ones busy for a while!

  2. Cynthia ~ Thks....

    Pete ~ Thks and yes, it does keep YX very busy for a while. He gets bored very easily. sigh!


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