Monday, September 28, 2009

A short trip to Melaka

Last Saturday, we went down to Melaka for a very short 'makan-makan' trip. As Saturday is a full working day for us, we only left at around 5.30 pm which is consider early. Glad that the journey was a pleasant one as the kids did not gave us much of a problem. Baby XJ slept the whole way down to Melaka and YX was busy with his drawing board.

We really ate our heart out. In that same night, we had 2 times of wantan noodles and 2 times of fried oyster. In between, we had something else. As a results, we actually ate from 6.30 pm till 10.30 pm. Our mouth just munch non-stop.

Bought 2 dresses for baby XJ at Jonker St. RM25 for 2 sets.

SIL bought 2 rattle toys for the kids. However, MIL already consficated the toys because YX used it to knock on the glasses at home. Not only that, he even uses it to knock baby XJ's head (but very soft one because baby did not cry), and knock on the door and every places he felt like knocking. A very naughty boy indeed.

YX taking photo with the beca (trishaw). It was actually lit up with very colourful and beautiful lights, however, the photos does not show out. Maybe due to the camera flash. Or is my camera too old? We did not let him try on the beca ride because of limited time.

Baby XJ enjoying herself to the food too. She had a great time tasting all the goodies.
We left Melaka at around 11 pm and sad to say that we actually lost our way. Hubby took a wrong turn and that cost us an EXTRA 30 - 45 minutes on the road. We were all so tired, but we did arrived home safely. Both kids also slept in the car all the way back home which make the travelling easier. No crying, no whinning.
Note: Will blog about the foods in a later post due to the photos are with my SIL. Shall show you what we ate. D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !!


  1. Finally, you went for your long awaited trip. Sounds fun, but for me, with so little time to spend, I find it a bit rush.

  2. Aiyoyo..impatient waiting to see the rest of the photos.

  3. did u try out the CAKE??!!!
    how how?
    nice or not??
    faster write okay..
    i wanna read.. hahaha..

  4. Chloe ~ time, but adventurous. It was fun searching high and low for those goodies to eat. And once found and tasted, we felt so satisfied ! :-)

    Lil prince's mum ~ We really enjoyed ourselves.

    Smallkucing ~ Ok ok...will chase SIL for them. hehe....I'm also impatient to blog about it !

    Dolly ~ No ;-( Did not managed to try the famous mille crepe. Maybe next trip !

  5. the baby dresses (very cute dresses!) and the wooden maracas (rattles). How much is the maracas? Would love to buy it if I can get my hands on it! By the way, I agree...YX is indeed very naughty - using the maracas to knock on his baby sister's head! :P

  6. Wow, nice rattler, can use to make music...pom chak chak, pom chak chak.....LOL!

  7. The Mini Bin that you've crafted for Merryn's Crafty Crafted blog ( is very useful. I've been using it for quite some time now as my wife, Julie, also makes them at home to use as dustbin for the dinner table. :)


  8. Welcome to drop by more often to enjoy other good food!

  9. Alice ~ Oh. I know that is call maracas. Am not sure how much does the maracas cost because SIL bought for the kids. Should be a few ringgit only.

    Pete ~ LOL....pom chiak chiak pom chiak chiak.

    Kimmy ~ Oh...yes. We used it to put in fish bones/chicken bones and those small but dry rubbish. heheh

    Jess ~ Ya...sure. Driving from Seremban to Melaka (with the highway) is only about an hour. The foods will attract us to go again! eheheh

  10. Wow, nice rattler, can use to make music...pom chak chak, pom chak chak.....LOL!


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