Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tomorrow vs. Yesterday

As YX speech is getting better each day, we are sometimes surprised by what he said. He always make us laugh.

This morning as we passed by a road side selling Lemang, I quickly showed him and asked "Do you know what is that pakcik selling?" Without hesitating, he quickly reply me with confidence "Nasi Lemak !" Hahaha....I never knew he knows how to say 'nasi lemak' because we never introduce this yummydelicious coconut rice to him.

The other night, while in the bedroom....

Scene 1
YX : "YESTERDAY" I don't want go to school ah. I want to follow mama to work.

Scene 2
YX : "TOMORROW" I cut my knee. Very painful.

Hahah...He is confuse with tomorrow and yesterday. But he always get TODAY right !


  1. Sure YX will understand "tomorrow" & "yesterday" soon!

    Drop-by here & find out that ur kid's name also XJ but mine is a boy. Your blog is nice to read.

  2. No worries kids catch on very fast

  3. Dora ~ Thks for dropping by. Oh, XJ is a great name! hehe....

    Smallkucing ~ learn very fast.


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