Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Before YX received his uniforms, I was so excited and can't help myself wondering how he will look like when he is wearing one. Will he refuse to wear them ? Will he look nice in them? Well, when the uniforms finally arrived, now how I wish he does not need to wear that uniforms!!!
Why? Because I need to IRON his uniforms almost EVERYDAY between Monday to Friday ! Gosh ! The material of the uniforms required to be iron and he only have 2 sets. If only the materials are T-shirt like, how convenience it will be. Ya, I admit I'm a lazy mum, a lazy wife. ^_^
When I told my mum about this 'extra' work, that reminds her of my cousin (cousin M) who told her the BEST way to iron her daughter's uniforms years ago. When her daughter was still schooling (she is now a final year students in a college), cousin M used to iron her uniforms. How lucky she was!
Since she was wearing a pinafore over a white shirt, cousin M only iron the white shirt's sleeves (both side) and the colar. The middle part was left un-iron since it will be cover by the pinafore.
I can't help myself laughing when mum told me about this story !!
Too bad, YX's uniform need to be 100% fully iron ! :-(


  1. I prefer if the kindy give out Tshirts too. Ironing takes up too much time. LOL!

  2. Oh, yes, I agree....kindergartens have to be smart a bit, they have to consider that nowadays parents are very busy, what's more with very young children who constantly needs attention. Come back frm work, still have to take care of housework and children and hubby, where got time to keep on ironing the uniform! Agree, prefer the T-shirt cloth type of uniform, saves work!

  3. Pete ~ Yes..ironing is too much work and waste of electricity too!

    Alice ~ Exactly....we are so busy after work...still have to think of the ironing work. Really an extra work for me!


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