Monday, September 7, 2009

The virus is spreading

Can you believe it!

First, it was FIL who was having diarrheoa and vomitting. Then, YX was having the same problem 3 days after FIL recovered. Now YX is fine (except for having stomachache occasionally), hubby and XJ caught the viruses.

Yesterday night, hubby vomitted 5 times. Whatever he ate came out immediately. So I made him a glass of ORS (salt water) which the doctor prescribed for YX the other day. I think that helps a little bit as after drinking it, hubby can have a better sleep.

But not a GOOD NIGHT SLEEP for me ~_~

At around 1 am, I do not know why I just woke up to check on baby XJ and found that she poo and her diaper are all soiled. Baby XJ was still sleeping so soundly ! I quickly carry her to the washroom to clean up and changed her pyjamas as it was dirty. Just as I wish I could have a good night sleep, baby XJ suddenly vomitted. I changed her pyjamas again and as a good baby, she slept without making any fuss. At around 4.30 am, baby XJ suddenly cry and mumbling "mumm mumm"....well, I guess she was hungry. Her cries woke up hubby and YX.

After her milk, baby XJ continues with her sleep, but not YX. He seems to be awake and refuse to get back to sleep. Hubby also can't get back to sleep because of stomach discomfort and requesting for some warm water. AAAHHHHhhhhhhh !!!!!! I'm like taking care of 3 babies (1 BIG 2 small). After 'serving' my 'bosses', I finally get back to sleep at around 5.30 am.

* YAWN * ...... this morning, I brought hubby to the clinic for a check up and doctor prescribed him with more ORS. As baby XJ is still having diarrheoa this morning (about 2 times), I did not bring her to the clinic because MIL said maybe due to teething again. Will see how is she progressing first.

Hope the virus will not attack me ! PRAY !! PRAY !!


  1. hope everyone at home gets well soon. u take care!

  2. Little Prince's mum ~ I do hope so...thks

    Mum to QQ ~ Ya..thks....I've been taking vitamins everyday....


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