Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What we ate in Melaka

Great ! I finally have the pictures from my SIL and here you goes..... *it is a very long post*

Before I started the food journey, I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU to Chinnee for suggesting a few places for us to eat (she is from Melaka) and glad that we managed to find them.

Lorong Bukit Cina
First, we head straight to Bukit Cina where the famous satay celup (Capital satay) was located. We did not try the satay celup because the queue was super long ! I wonder how long should we queue before we could be seated.

Together with 2 SILs, hubby and the kids, our main purpose to Bukit Cina is to try on the white wantan noodles which was suggested by Chinnee. You may read her post here.


The taste of this wantan noodles are a bit bland to me. Maybe my tastebud are used to the food in Seremban as they are very SALTY. Both my parents always complaint when they dine in Seremban ^_^. The Melaka wantan noodles are very tangy and nice to chew. The BBQ pork (char siew) are very normal thou but that is the main ingredient in a bowl of wantan noodles. They served with a bowl of wantan soup (sorry no pic) and I think I prefer the wantan than the noodles. The pork is well manirated before being wrapped in the wantan skin and boil till cooked. Among the 4 of us, hubby is the only person who got hooked with the noodles. He love it so much ! Maybe he added a lot of chilli sauce (sorry no pic) into the noodles which make it Ummphh ! He will sure visit this shop again for our next visit to Melaka.
Bandar Hilir
Next, we proceed to OUB (next to Newton food court) at Bandar Hilir for some fried oyster. According to Chinnee, this shop fried very tasty fried oyster and most importance, they have less crowd. So we can avoid the long queue. True enough, this place is very quiet and we easily found a good parking.

Behind the fried oyster stall is a stall selling pork satay.

YX enjoying the pork satay.
While waiting for the fried oyster, we had satay first. The satay tasted very good. Well manirated with spices which made this skewer meat sweet and fragrant after being BBQ. However, the sauce is the down part. It does not look like the normal peanuts sauce to me, but pineapple. I'm not too sure on the ingredient but it does taste sweet and sour, just like pineapple taste. So we just eat the meat without dipping into the sauce.

Here comes the fried oyster. Yummy ! The eggs and starch are well mix together and fried till fragrant. The eggs are well spread out where you could not really feel the starchy texture. I like this kind of taste. Not very salty and best of all, not really OILY.

Next, from the same stall which sells the fried oyster, we ordered the fried carrot cakes. The taste is good - not too salty but the cake is too soft. The special part of this dish is there are actually some mince meat being added into the carrot cakes which makes it feel like home-cooked type. If the aunty added in more preserve turnips (chai por), it will make the cake tastier.

Then, we ate the Fried Indo mee (opp. the fried oyster stall). SIL loves this ! The noodles are fried till very dry and added with own-made sauce rather than those seasoning powder used by the mamak cooked. The noodles are very Q.
Jonker Street

I do not know why the pic turn so blue after uploading. ;-(
We then continue our food hunt at Jonker Street. SIL main objective was to eat the famous chendol at Musuem Cafe. They sells authentic chendol. However, it was very very very sweet !!!! I do enjoy sweet stuffs, but this is TOO SWEET. At the end, we get the boss to add in more ice for us to make it better.

To make our mouth feel better, SIL ordered a plate of Baba Chinken Rendang Noodles. Hmm... this is GOOD ! Very spicy, flavourful and tasty. Sorry, the picture was took half way eating.

With a very bloated stomach and sweet mouth, we still managed to gulp down some drinks. The one on the left is honey lemon and right is lo han guo.
Bunga Raya

After some shopping at the Jonker Street, we decided to go home. However, on the way back, we happen to passby this place where we noticed a lot of poeple queueing up. Curious, we just parked our car (were lucky to have ample of parking space nearby) and check it out. To our delight, it was selling FRIED OYSTER !

Seeing so many people queueing up at such hour (already 10.30 pm), we ought to try it out. Go here for more pictures. You will understand how crowded it is.

This is really awesome ! Comparing the earlier one, I like this better, even there is a price to pay - have to queue up. The eggs and starch are fried till CRISPY, well balance (not too starchy) and very frangrant ! This is a MUST HAVE when you are in Melaka. This portion cost us only RM5 which I think is huge.

At the same place, hubby saw the white wantan noodles again and could not resist to try it. However, hubby gave a thumb down. It is tasteless and even with the cilli sauce, it is not good. Hubby still prefer the earlier one.
Finally, after having 2 times of white wantan noodles, 2 times of fried oysters and many other goodies, we decided to go home. Our stomach was really bloated but we felt really satisfied.
Note: Phew! I took such a long hour to write this post again and again before I finally could post up. It is easier to eat than to describe the foodies.


  1. You should come over to Kuching and try my Sarawak famous Kolok mee. It is equivalent to wantan noodle.

  2. You guys are incredible, can load so much into stomach! But when good food in front of us, normally we forget that we are actually full... Anyway, it's a great "makan-makan" trip!

  3. Rose ~ Heard of the S'wak Kolok mee but till now, never tried before. But S'wak is sooo far away ;-(

    Dora ~ We are torturing our stomach! haha...but we really do enjoyed ourselves.

  4. wow... you can be a food blogger lar...

  5. SP ~ Definately NOT FIT to be a food blogger because I can't express the taste of the food to make it attractive. However, if got kind people wanted me to be a food tester, I don't mind ! hehehehe....

  6. Wow, excellent food review here... you guys are really "geng", can eat so much in such a short period of time!

  7. Woo-hoo...I love fried oyster omelette! Will go there to try if have the opportunity!

  8. Chloe ~ Hahaha...don't wait....start planning for your makan-makan trip ! But bring extra 2 - 3 people so can share out and can taste more varieties.

    Alice ~ Yes...the fried oyster at Bunga Raya is a MUST TRY!

  9. OMG~~ your YX is so adorable...
    and i love his big eyes..

  10. Dolly ~ *wink wink* He got that big eye from me. hehehe......

  11. wanna pengsan seeing all the food you all can store into your stomach in just one night! Am glad u enjoyed all my favourite food there (make me 'lau hau sui'oni!)

  12. Mum to QQ ~ hahaha...don't pengsan yet... We are planning for the 2nd trip to Melaka for more makan-makan trip. But don't know when is the date yet! I missed the fried oyster!!!


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