Friday, October 23, 2009

1...2....3... ACTION !

Look at this vain pot! Posing with McD icon......The Ronald McDonald.

I did not ask him to pose. Once I took out my camera, Oh boy ! He posed instantly.
Happy weekend everyone........on Sunday I will be going to Genting AGAIN. Ahh..... my 2nd Genting trips in 1 month. This time, hubby and baby XJ will be following. *Gonna enjoy my holidays* ^_^


  1. Wah, he's so enthusiastic to pose for the camera! Well, that's a good thing becos in the future, you (and your son) will have lots of nice and memorable photos to look at and cherish!

  2. hehe.. he will be enjoying his Genting trip while mummy snapping photos.. have a nice holiday!

  3. Alice ~ Ya..he love to pose for camera. Very 'heow'. hahaha

    Cynthia ~ He is already very excited about that Genting trip. Thks...will sure enjoy our holiday.

  4. Now, let me think, is there a child who doesn't like Ronald?? Hmmmm...

    ** Hey girl, I've got a Honest Scrap Award for you at my Children's Blog. Go claim it! *Grin*

  5. great poses. My gal also receptive to camera, while pose when someone takes out camera. hahaha

  6. I guess YX loves Ronald McDonald. I'm curious why clown always got red bog nose & wearing a pair of large shoes?... Wow so nice going to Genting again!

  7. Hope you had a good time in Jackpot ah?

  8. smallkucing ~ ;-)

    Angeline ~ Surprise!!! Anyway, thks for the award. Will go and claim it.

    Rose ~ Hahaha...

    Dora ~ Haha...maybe the big red nose and shoes do attract kids! Yeah....going to Genting, again! hehe

    Pete ~ Sigh....with the kids tagging chance to win anything la...only spending money.


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