Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2nd Genting trips in a month

I'm back from the cool hill with sexy voice and cough. So is my dear YX and XJ !

The 3 of us developed cough with phlegm while hubby and SIL escape the virus. Guess both of their immune system are still strong.

This trip, we brought both the kids for some fun at the arcade. The previous trip with my parents, we only do some window shopping and walk around the Indoor Theme Park and outside for some cool & fresh air.

With hubby around, he is willing to spend $$ for the arcade because he himself loves to play them! As usual, YX was very excited and requesting me to take photo for him.

YX don't really know how to play the games, so hubby helped him out. But he is the master to choose which machine he wanted. It was real fun as it has been ages since hubby & I went to the arcade to have some fun! LOL. We used to frequent the arcade during dating time.

YX posing for the camera again. We did not insert any coin for this ride because he is afraid of a moving one. Save our money!

We are all dead tired from walking the whole day, but the kids are still so energetic. Even baby XJ who nap for a max of 1 - 2 hours during the day time did not make any fuss and enjoying herself too.

We put the kids to bed at around 9 pm and YX was so cooperative that night and went to dreamland in less than 10 minutes. I guess he was really tired! Baby XJ was a little bit difficult to handle and took almost an hour before she finally knocked off. We then get SIL to babysit both the kids, while hubby and I decided to visit the Casino (hopefully to earn something).
Just as we decided to sit down for a game, hubby received a call from SIL saying baby XJ was crying non-stop. We quickly rushed back to the hotel room and at that moment, I felt so sorry for her. This was the 1st time seeing her crying so badly like asking us to go home right away so she could smell her bed. We did bring her PATRICK along but that does not work to calm her down. After some singing and rocking manually with her in my arm, she finally went to sleep so soundly until the next morning. Phew!
Overall, we did enjoyed ourselves so much despite being so tired after the trip. Hopefully, our next trip (don't know when) we will be able to earn something from Genting and not just spending.


  1. Hope you and kids recover soon from the sickness! :)

    So, you didnt win anything at the casino??

  2. Rose ~ Before we could sit on the Casino's chair, SIL called. Maybe baby was signalling us that we might lose. hehe...so better go back to the hotel room to sleep!

  3. Wah, 2 trips to Genting within such a short period. Looks like the kids enjoyed themselves to the max.

  4. Chloe ~ Sound very nice huh...2 trips in a month. But don't know have to wait till when for the next trip.


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