Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chin Swee Caves Temple - Genting Part 2

While having fun at the top is not enough, on the way home, we stopped over at the Chin Swee Caves Temple. This place has transform into a very beautiful temple. It was not the same as my childhood time. Dad used to bring us up to Genting once a year every school holidays and this temple is a MUST for us to stop by either on the way up or on the way down. That has been so many years that I did not visit this temple and it was really great to be able to visit this newly renovated place.

The pagoda. I still remember my brother, cousin brother and I always challeged to climb up to the pagoda to see who can reach the top. However, all 3 failed miserably because we were lack of stamina. And I'm always the 1st to surrender.......always out of breath after a few steps.

Beautifully decorated with red lanterns. I'm sure the night scenery here will be breathtaking. Wanted YX to stand at the staircase so I could take his photos with the lanterns as the background, but that boy somehow just refused to stand there.

Journey to the West character. The PIG. YX watched this drama before and thus, he knows the characters. His favourite is definately NOT this! hahah...but he is happy to see PIG and was excited to take photos.

The MONK with white horse is also not YX's favourite character in the Journey to the West. Nevertheless, he always said 'sifu, sifu' when he saw the monk.

And this is YX's favourites! The MONKEY (Sun Wu Kong). I guess it is every kids' favourite character. YX used to take the cane at home and said "Mama, look. I'm like the monkey."

If you do have time, do stop over at this temple for some photos session. It will be a worth while trip which could take away your worries when standing at this cooling mountain seeing such a beautiful scenery. For more photos and history of this temple, please visit here.


  1. Ha ha, same as me, I like the Monkey God character too!

  2. Pete ~ The monkey god is always the 'hero'.


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