Monday, October 5, 2009

A crave for Nasi Lemak

Since yesterday, I already have a crave for Nasi Lemak. Actually, it has also been quite some times that I did not eat Nasi Lemak for breakfast.

So, I've well planned for this morning to get a pack of hot Nasi Lemak on my way to the office. Happily in my mind, I've been picturing on how delicious the rice to go with the anchovies sambal and a fried 'bull eye' egg. Sigh! my favourite shop did not open. Giving myself another hope (as along the way, there is another stall selling nasi lemak), I drove furthure up and found that the shop is closed as well!!!!!

Dissapointed twice, I decided to head to the stall nearby my office to grab a pack. The Nasi Lemak is not that tasty, but I just have to satisfy my crave. Do you believe my luck? The makcik told me her Nasi Lemak was SOLD OUT!!!!

Pulling a long face, I came back to the office with 2 curry puffs which i bought from the makcik and made a glass of hot MILO. Sigh!!! my tounge is still searching for the Nasi Lemak taste.

Note: NO! This is not a pregnant crave! Just my 'tham chiak' behaviour. *wink*


  1. Tham Jiak...if you happens to go to Sri Petaling, there is one really nice Nasi Lemak there. Opens morning only. Located right opposite Lucky Restaurant

  2. How come we are so alike?? I'm crazy over nasi lemak too. Nice or not nice also I don't mind as long as I get to eat it. I just had one plate yesterday hehe :-p

  3. I always love spicy food like laksa, curry and nasi lemak, so I eat a lot of those when I was pregnant. Now I have to wait for 2 months plus before I can eat my favourite nasi lemak (bcos of C-section)..... Sigh!! So all those belacan, prawns, sambal are out of my reach for the couple of months!

  4. Sure not pregnant? Anyway, I like to eat Nasi lemak for breakfast....then down everything with a cup of coffee....wooo nice!

  5. smallkucing ~ I think I've tried that before (when working in KL years ago). Used to stay near Sri Petaling too. Is that stall beside some donation box???

    Chloe ~ haha...FATED! haha...Nasi Lemak is very delicious huh.

    Rose ~ will have to be patience. Our health are more important. During my confinement month, I was also craving for so many food, but cannot eat them!

    Pete ~ Sure sure!!! Not pregnant! I'm a very tham chiak person. heheh.....We will be much happier if we could eat and drink with no worries!!

  6. No not that stall. That sambal tarak umph. The one at the empty field..but now not so empty liao. The lauk is self service. But I hate to go on weekend coz can see the ugly face of the people. Take so much and the kacang, bilis , timun all fell everywhere. So did you managed to get your favourite Nasi Lemak today?

  7. smallkucing ~ Oh..there is another better one? Then I have not tried that before. Btw, YES! I had my favourite Nasi Lemak this morning. Hehehe.....must eat no matter how. heheh

  8. oh no...
    I quit nasi lemak ever since i put on 8kg and looked like a monster.. T.T

    but karipap is nice too ma.. hahaha...

  9. Dolly ~ Don't quit, but eat moderately. Like that will be a win-win solution ma. Hehehe...btw..yes, karipap is nice too. A great substitute to my nasi lemak.


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