Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Award (My 1st award)

Honestly.....before I start this meme, I'm going to break one of the rules, which is I'm not going to pass this award around as 10 is a BIG number to me. I do not know who to pass this award to. Not because you are not entitle to own it, but it is just a hard decision for me to choose TEN.

Anyway, would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Angeline - All About Your Child who handed this award to me. It is rather a surprised and am honoured to own it because my blog is not even 1 year old yet! Thank you Angeline. This award really meant a lot to me. It will keep me motivated to blog even more now. *wink*

Nevertheless, I will still tell you 10 Honest things about myself.

1) I'm afraid of DOG. It is just natural and whenever I saw a dog approaching towards me, my hair will all stand up. FIL is going to get a pet dog soon. Wonder how am I going to walk in and out of the house. Or will I ended up LOVING that pet dog to death ?

2) I love KFC. My favourite fast food after so many years. I've never failed to order their fried chicken, even I've already ordered their burger. Ended up, I will eat till very full and regret why I'm stuffing myself like that.

3) I never like my current job. Yes. Working in a family business = flexibility. People tend to say, "Wah! you so lucky. Can go to work together with hubby, eat lunch with hubby and come back with hubby". But I never like my job, even I'm able to online from 8-5 blogging and playing online games in Facebook. I still prefer Tourism line, a line which I'm been in since I've started working officially at the age of 19/20. My 1st job is in Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and 2nd is with Genting. Interesting!!!

4) I hate smokers. Dear smokers, don't get offended please. I only hate those who love to smoke inside the lift, in air-con places and besides me. If you really wish to smoke, please stand at the smoking zone or away from us with small children.

5) I admired those who can draw. I never have the ability to draw even I've attended art classes during my schooling days. Whenever YX requested me to draw something for him, I will simply sketch one and he will be there whinning and saying "No!!! It is not like that. It does not look like a monkey"!

6) I only have the courage to drive after I got my driving license for almost 10 years. That was after I'm married. As hubby was working (I was temporary jobless), and need to go for a job interview, MIL have to drives me there. So paisey!!!! Left with no choice, I forced myself to drive and now, I'm no longer a 'handicapped' as I can drive wherever I wanted to go.

7) I have an ideal weight, but NOT body shape. I weight 55 kg and stand at 163 cm (After giving birth to 2). I have a big bum which make me difficult to buy pants and jeans. I can only wear A line skirt, and not straight cut. Therefore, I love those designer who came up with the current fashion whereby the blouse/dress is long enough to cover the hip area and wore a tight pants over.

8) I'm the youngest amongst all my cousins (maternal side, and 2nd youngest at paternal side). While hubby is the oldest amongst all his cousins (both Paternal & Maternal side). Therefore, his uncles and aunties' age = my cousins' age and his cousins' age = my nephew/nieces' age (counsin's children). Hahaha....Understand??? I already earned an aunty status before I was actually born!

9) I love travelling and enjoying good food. I love to enjoy life but do not have the ample $$$$$ to do so. Anyone wanna sponser me??? I don't mind to work part-time as a traveller and a food tester. But no Fear Factor kind of food please!

10) I love to day dreams! I always built castle in the air! hahaha...because I like fantasy. In real life, this will never happen. But life still have to go on.

Phew! 10 honest things about myself are not so easy to pen down. The above are ABSOLUTELY TRUTH, nothing but the TRUTH !


  1. I wish I can conquer number 6. I have licence for more than 10 yrears and yet daren't drive :(

  2. 4) I hate smokers.
    wah.. same wor...

    6) I only have the courage to drive after I got my driving license for almost 10 years
    wah.. same also wor.. but i only got license for hmm... 5 years.. i got another 5 years time.. hahaha

    i also got this award 1 month ago.. haa

  3. Pete ~ very happy thou.

    smallkucing ~ I was forced to learn because I can't find my faithfull driver. heheh.. Yes, you can! TRY!

    Dolly ~ No. 4 - choked us to death le.
    No. 6 - meaning...u r not driving at this moment? Try your best.

  4. Interesting. Nice to read and know more about you. 1, 4 and 9 - me same with you :-)

  5. So why don't you go back to the job in hospitality line instead of working in a "no fun" workplace now?... I hate smokers a lot!

  6. chloe ~ High 5! I finally found someone who is afraid of DOG too! hahaha...SIL always laugh at me when I try to avoid those stray dogs.

    Dora ~ Not so easy to 'get out' when you are engaged into family business.


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