Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Humpty Dumpty.....


Well, that's ME !!!

So embarrassing, I know.......but I really want to rant it out!

It happend this morning, in my office pantry.

I was careless afterall. Used to wear a pair of rubber slipper whenever I step into the pantry or bathroom. I wore them due to keep my feet clean and not because of protecting myself from the slippery floor.

But this morning, I just ignored that pair of rubber slipper and step into the pantry bare footed. Just my luck to step on a patch of water and in a split seconds...........wwwweeeeee............. I fell and sat on my bum ! Where the HELL did that patch of water came from?????? !!!!!

Luckily no one saw. Can you imagine how embarrassing it will be if my FIL or the clerk saw...........

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! .........

Lesson learnt!

1) I MUST wear that pair of faithful rubber slipper whenever I step into the pantry and bathroom.

2) Now I realised how slippery the floor can be when there are water on the surface !


  1. opps, hope you are not hurt. Take care!

  2. Hope you escaped without any bruises or scratches. I slipped like that before due to a patch of water from seemingly nowhere, but luckily not in office lah, it was in the house kitchen. Turned out, apparently it was the ceiling that was leaking rain water. So happen I was holding a bowl of curry laksa soup (already finished eating, now want to put the dirty bowl into the kitchen sink), so in the end, the curry laksa soup spilt everywhere when I slipped! Even my body also kena the curry laksa, so have to take bath again!

  3. Lucky you, as no one saw it. I had this Humpty Dumpty experience too, on my way to work many years ago. Right after getting down from a bus, I tripped and fell, kneeling down, in front of a crowded bus-stop. Malunya! I also badly bruised my knees, with blood steaming down both legs when I reached the office :-(

  4. Pete ~ Next time I will be real careful....

    Alice ~ Oh dear! That was a bad experience. After the fall, u still have to clean up the floor and yourself! And yes...I did have bruises on my elbow and my back. Just a minor one.

    Chloe ~ Oh dear! Malu and sakit! Any good samaritans came to your aid? Yes...lucky no one saw...otherwise I will be soooooo MALU !!!

  5. Oh~~~~~~~ so charm.. be xtra careful ya!

  6. hahaha yeah luckily no one there! but have you searched for the reason why there were water on the pantry floor so that the unwanted incident can be prevented?...

  7. luckily not sprained ankle or something of that sort....

  8. poor girl! hope your bump can sustain the fall like dunlopillo... :) if i were to fall, might land myself in hospital...cos small bumps..

  9. careful in the future ah.

  10. little prince mum ~ lesson learnt. will take extra catious in future...not a fun experience thou.

    Dora ~ U still laugh at me!!! sob sob..... No la..did not find out where that patch of water came from......

    Angeline ~ Thks for the hugs. Yes yes..luckily did not sprain my wrist or ankle. Phew.....

    reanaclaire ~ Hahaha...I must admit I have a BIG bump....that's y my bum is not hurt. But somehow I scratches my elbow and back against the door.

    Smallkucing ~ I will not take things for granted anymore.....;-)

  11. Oh dear, that hurt. I fell on my bum before and it took long time to heal. At least you didnt do the split act! :p Be careful next time.

  12. Rose ~ Oh...another lucky me huh! If split act will be so painful! Cannot imagine that.

  13. oh no..poor you. hope you are ok bruises and no pain :)

  14. mommy to chumsy ~ my bruises is now blue black. ;-(

  15. Rose ~ Oh...another lucky me huh! If split act will be so painful! Cannot imagine that.


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