Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Photo printings

I was never into photography not until the arrivals of my bundle of joy. Having them really forced me to learnt a lot of new things and invovled in a new hobby too! Nowadays, my camera will be always in my bag so I could easily grab them and take those priceless moments in a nick of time. You never know when the little ones will show you funny faces or stunts which you never want to miss out. Those photos will surely brings back 'good old time' memories and a broad smile to their faces when the kids grew up years later. Excatly how I felt whenever I flip through my own childhood photos, whether being alone, or together with my family.

Months ago, I chanced upon an online photo website, eoe Online where you could do online shopping on the photographic products, share your photos with family and friends, order online printing, enter photo contest and etc. I was actually more interested with the e-prints and has the urge to send in my order after understanding on how it works. After a few considerations, I finally sent in my request online. I've blogged about it here.

It is very easy to use the e-print uploaded photo options. You will need to sign up as a member, go to the e-print tab and choose which software you wish to use to upload your photos for printing. Once completed, you will be prompt to make payment either by credit card or bank-in option. After payment was done, your photos will soon be deliver to your door steps conveniently by a reputable courier service company. No hassles, no worries.

The price is simply irresitable where a 4R print cost RM0.30/piece and 5R cost RM0.50/piece. It is relatively cheaper than those photo shops outside. No additional charges will be imposed and no minimum quantity are required for your order. You will just need to upload whatever photos you requested for print, and if your order is RM35 and above, you will enjoy a free delivery. Doesn't that sounds convincing enough?

If you still have loads of photos needed to be print out, check it out at eoe Online website. It is so simple yet convenient. I'm going to send in another batch of my order now!


  1. Aiyo!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you for this blog. Sound very attractive. Thanks again.

  2. smallkucing ~ hahahha....LOL....don't get so excited. Go to their website and might get good bargains!

  3. Wow...good offer...soome more free delivery for purchase value more than RM35. Can definitely consider it!

  4. It is cheap. I have a bunch of photos to be printed.


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