Thursday, October 1, 2009


The other day, while we were all having a drink at the nearby mamak stall, SIL noticed that YX was doing something disgusting.

SIL : YX, what are you doing? Put down your hand ! Dirty boy !

Everyone burst out laughing at him while he still continue to work hard on that piece of SHIT !

Previously, YX does not know how to dig nose. If ever his nose is itchy, he will rub with his hand. Recently, he knows how to use his pointer to dig instead. I think it is the motor skill a kid will achieve as they grows. Hopefully he will soon understand the sensitivity of such act.


  1. Pete ~ hahaha....ya ya...GOLD.

  2. Now that he is still a toddler, it still looks 'exceptable' to dig for gold, looks cute even! But of course, (I agree with you!) when he is a bigger child already, he has to learn not to dig for gold in public. ^ ^

  3. With proper guidance & explanation to him, I guess YX will understand & stop this habit in front of people. But he is cute to say "Got shit la"...

  4. Alice ~ Hopefully it will not turn into a bad habit.

    Dora ~ Haha...because when I bathe him, I will try to clean it for him and when he refused, I will say the same thing "GOT SHIT LA". This is where he learn it from. hahaha....


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