Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stick there .....

While helping YX to bathe.....

Popo : Boy, what is this (pointing at his penis)

YX : Bird bird (He used to say ku ku zhai, but not anymore)

Popo : *laugh* Quick quick take bathe. Later wear pants. It not, bird bird fly away !

YX : *In a very innocent look and voice* ~ NO. WON'T FLY. IT STICK THERE !

Popo : hahahaha .........


  1. LOL! He is so innocently correct!

  2. What a coincident, my eldest (12) just scolded his little brother (8), for uttering the word "Lan Chioa" and the little one cried and asked me why KOKO scolded for saying the word, and i asked the eldest why he scolded his brother, and he said the better way to say is KUKU CHIO... and i told him, it was nothing vulgar, just a normal hokkien, as long as it has Chiao, then we know is Penis liao

  3. hahah.. at least he knows it will not 'fly' off! so innocent kids..

  4. Chloe ~ haha..I can't help myself laughing when my mum relates this to me! So funny....

    Eugene ~ U Hokkien lang? Hahaha...The eldest one can teach the younger one. How nice!

    Cynthia ~ ya ya...very innocent! And I was surprised he knows how to answer it this way.

    Smallkucing ~ LOL....I will always laugh when I thought of 'this' conversations.

  5. Hahaha...what a cute answer! LOL

  6. Alice ~ I was surprised by his answer....but had a good laugh at it!

  7. Hahaha...what a cute answer! LOL


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