Thursday, October 15, 2009

Strawberry Park - Genting Part 3

Along the way down, we stopped by at the Awana Cable Car Station. We were actually looking for the Strawberry farm but there is no road sign and we ended up at the cable car station. There is a shop selling lotsa cuttlefish, tidbits, biscuits and sweets inside the complex and they gave out free testing too. Mum bought some cuttlefish before we hunt for the strawberry park again. On the way to dad's car, we were shocked to see some wild monkeys standing on top of some car's rooftop. We quickly make our way to the car as one of the monkey saw us holding a plastic bag and begun to follow behind. That really gave me a scare because the wild monkey does look fierce ! Just imagine being attacked by Wild Monkeys during your holidays!!! ..... SCARY !

This photo was taken inside the complex of the Awana Cable Car station. Very nice wall paper. Just like we are visiting the aquarium huh! haha....

On the way, near the equestrian, we finally saw some buntings showing where the strawberry farm are. We are glad that we found it! This is the entrance of the strawberry park welcoming you with a beautiful fountains. This place is still new with not so many visitors.

Red ripen strawberry waiting for harvest. Once you enter the farm, you could smell the sweet strawberry aromas. *click the picture for larger view*. YX as usual, got so excited seeing the real strawberry hanging on the plant. This is his 1st encounter.

This is the cafe which selling strawberry juices, cakes and etc..... We did not buy anything from this shop but YX thick-skinned sat on the strawberry seat for some photo taking. I did not ask him to pose for this picture but when he saw the little strawberry seats, he just ran over to pose for photos. That little toddler is from the next table who wanted to have a shot too! Look at the shadow on the floor.... you can imagine how hot the weather was. So, bring an umbrella along if you wants some shade.

The route was very well planned whereby you will have to walk every part of the farm before coming to the exit. There are a few shops selling souvenirs along the way. This is near to the exit, The Kite's World. YX was very happy to see so many kites above him and can't help posing for photos, again.
This farm is also highly recommended if you wanted to see some fresh real strawberry. The entrance is FREE. As there is no signboard at the moments, just follow the Yellow colour restaurant signboard and you can easily find the farm. I can't remember the restaurant name. Alternatively, you can look out for Genting Sports Center and the farm is just opposite the sports center.
Finally, we left the farm and had our late lunch (around 2.30pm) at Gohtong Jaya. There were rows of eating shops mainly selling bak kut teh and 'tai chow' (rice + dishes). Not knowing which shop to choose, we just simply step into one of the bak kut teh shop to fill up our empty stomach. I don't remember the name of the shop, but it was located opposite a stall selling chestnut. The bak kut teh portion was quite big (we ordered for 2) and just nice for 3A + 1C. Already knew it will be expensive, the price for the bak kut teh / person is RM18.50 comparing to only RM6 which we could get in Seremban. ^_^


  1. Got to stop by an check out Strawberry park on my next trip...I always drive up straight to the top.

  2. Uiks? Got strawberry Farm there meh? You are very up todate! Will check it out next time we go. Do they sell Strawberry jam and if yes, did you noticed the price? Thanks

  3. We've been to Genting so many times yet we dunno this place existed haha... Looks like a mini Cameron Highlands.

  4. Pete ~ Looking forward for the CASINO arr?? Don't be so 'kan cheong' la....hahaha

    smallkucing ~ haha...happen SIL have the vouchers so knew about it and happen to read them in a blog too.

    Chloe ~ Check it out the next trip. Now still new so not many visitors....and they really have many red ripe strawberries!!!

  5. I'm not the only one who don't know there's Strawberry farm in Genting after reading the comments above! hehehe... The strawberry fountain is nice & YX is cute with all his pose! :-)

  6. Dora ~ This is still a new place I suppose because not many visitors. SIL happen to have some genting vouchers and one of them is the Strawberry farm's vch. Haa.....go and make a trip there and find out. hehe

  7. Your son is so young already know how to do the 'peace' handsign when posing for photo :-)

  8. Alice ~ Influenced by SILs. They always make the 'peace' sign when taking photos.


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