Friday, October 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy, please HELP !

Baby XJ @ 13 months old (going to be 14 months in 12 Nov) and she is only having 4 teeth ! 2 at the bottom front and 2 upper front.

I think I will need to seek help from the Tooth Fairy. Or do they just came and pick up dropped tooth only?

Lately, she does not like to eat bread anymore. She will pushed out the bread using her tounge and picked with her little fingers and pass it to whoever is near to her. She does not like to drink milk either and we will need to use toys to 'bait' her to drink. While she was busy playing with her toys, she will be sucking her milk away until she finished up the whole bottle! Feeding her porridge is also like a bonus. Some day she finished up the whole bowl, some day she doesn't.

Past few days, she finally took her 1st step unsupported. The most, she could walk 3 steps before sitting on her bum again. Aaaa....a moment which I've been waiting anxiously and is finally here. Soon, I can bring her shopping without worrying about carrying her in my arm (since she does not like to sit in the stroller).


  1. When the time baby pushing everything out with tongue is the most annoying time.. =____="

  2. Ahhh, cute, now starting to move around on her own...very soon the little feet would be running all over the house.....have fun exercise....LOL!

  3. It's normal for Baby XJ to have 4 teeth only now. Joshua was the same too. He is now 20 mths and his teeth not fully out yet.

    Very happy hor to see baby 1st steps :). Soon she'll be running around the house :)

  4. Sweet lil' girl XJ... looks more like daddy or mummy? Hehe. Soon she'll be teething, walking, running and everyone around her are gonna be really busy :-)

  5. Don't worry...every kid is different. Looks like XJ will be walking very very soon. :) Gwen only started walking on her own at 18 months! Once she had mastered walking, we had a hard time keeping up with her. She didn't like to sit on the stroller either..hehe.

  6. hey, not to worry, mnhl... my girl had her first 2 teeth at 1 year old and only know how to walk at 14 months... some are later than others.. *wonder why* but then they still grow up healthily and cheekily! LOL....

  7. Donna ~ Worry and annoying.

    Pete ~ Now, we are already excercising!! hehe... even she can't really walk yet, she is like a samseng! She likes to climb.

    smallkucing ~ Because YX teeth errupted faster comparing to XJ, so I felt so worry for her.

    Chloe ~ Errmmm...neither looks like daddy nor mummy, but looks more like my SIL ! Most of the people commented. Even she can't really walk yet, we are alrady very busy!

    Mummy Gwen ~ Yeah...very anxious to wait for that very day which she really could walk and can put on her beautiful shoes (courtesy of SIL) and bring her 'kai kai'.

    reanaclaire ~ Oh really ! 2 teeth at 1 year. Ya..i believe some are later than others....and yes...most important is they grow up healthily.

  8. And soon she will running around & you'll be chasing after her! hehehe...

  9. Don't worry.. the teeth will come out real soon!

  10. Dora ~ Another excercise moments for us! hehe

    Little prince's mummy ~ Hopefully. Until now, still no sign of teething.

  11. Oh, yes, Juan Or also has this seasonal preference for certain food. Last time, he likes to eat carrot, but now if I give him carrot, he will push out with his tongue!


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