Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A visit from my parents

After marriage, I admit that I seldom go home (hometown). First, due to work. Second, due to the kids. Third, due to the journey (2.5 hrs). I know. They are all excuses.

In my heart, I always planned to travel back hometown during the weekends. But when that weekends arrived, my plan somehow shifted to something else. I know my parents are very dissapointed but they never blame me. I'm glad to have a very supportive and understanding parents.

My dad even told us once that if we are not free to travel back home, he and mum can always come up to Seremban to visit us instead because both of them are pensionner. They have the time for the whole world. These words are so comforting and took away my guilt instantly.

Dad & Mum, thanks for being so thoughtful. Can't wait to meet up with both of you tomorrow. Have a pleasant journey and drive safely.

* I called my parents almost everyday * Since it is difficult to find time to visit them, I make it a point to call them instead. And mum is bringing me her home-made kaya!!! Yummy !


  1. Wah, got home made kaya to eat.....tomorrow I want to go to Seremban....he he he!

  2. Pete ~ U r such a good cook. Don't eyed at my KAYA!!! ^_^

    Smallkucing ~ YX loves kaya. ;-)

  3. Good for you that you have very understanding and supportive parents. As for me, my own parents are the total opposite - calculative and 'want face' type. Becos of that, I had a lot of problems with my parents (my mother especially) during the dating stage with my hubby so much so I couldn't stand it any longer, so I left home. Bottom line is I'm an estranged daughter. Even if my mother and I are in good terms after my marriage, my mother won't take the trouble to visit me simply becos she is of the mindset that only the young should go visit the old and not the other way round! She would have considered herself lowly to go visit her daughter rather than the daughter go visit her!


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