Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ah See Wan Ton Mee @ Batu Pahat, Johor

Craving for some different type of wantan noodles?

If you happen to be in Batu Pahat, this shop is a MUST to visit. Go here for a short video clip and pictures of the wantan noodles + wantan soup.

The taste is godness. This special wantan noodles do not have black sauce included, but they use their special homemade sauce. I will normally go for their soup type and will order an additional bowl of wantan to satisfy my stomach.

Alas, it has been years that I did not eat this wantan noodles because I've shifted away from Batu Pahat after my SPM. Now with small children, I did not even have a chance to visit this 'Food Paradise' town. But my parents who still travel frequently to Batu Pahat always make me drool with all the food they took. They will definately visit this wan ton noodle shop whenever they are there. Batu Pahat are also famous for their fried carrot cake (with added squid and prawns), ikan bakar, pork satay, Malay Lontong, Nasi Beryani and the list go on!!! I missed my 'place of birth' !!! :-(

This wan ton noodle shop happen to be my childhood friend's family business and they have been operating for many years. So once the grandfather retired, it was passed down to the son and now grandson. My friend did not ask me to advertise but I just want to share with you all that if you happen to visit Batu Pahat, remember to visit this shop for their godness taste wan ton mee.


  1. hi.. never been to Batu Pahat la.. but been to Johor Taman Perling... hope to make a visit one day cos one of my frens is staying there..

  2. I think I sa this type of Wan Tan Mee somewhere but cant recall

  3. many nice food in Batu Pahat, Johor. From Seremban to Batu Pahat not that far right..hehe..when your kids are a little older you can go anywhere. :)

  4. very long time tak pergi johor dy lor. must make a trip down one day.. :)

  5. i remember hearing about this wantan mee too. how is taste as compare to melaka's one?

  6. Wan tan mee is my all time fav! Sure will give a try if I go Bt Pahat one day.

  7. reanaclaire ~ A recommended small town to visit.

    smallkucing ~ Really? In Seremban never seen this type of noodles. All with black sauce added except for their Hakka Mee.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I think it is about 3 hours drive with highway. When both my kids grown up, I can move around FREELY! hehe

    Merryn ~ Aik! Can comment dy. Good Good. Johor is a big state. Only certain small town have goodies.

    chinnee ~ I normally order the soupy type so cannot comment much. Their dry type is with added chilli sauce.

    Dora ~ Ya...make a trip down 1 day and give it a try. Yummy...


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