Monday, November 9, 2009

Keeping my fingers & toes crossed

This morning, I have a few errands to run.

Due to the route, I stopped at the Post Office first to settle some bills and to claim back the money for unused Wang Pos on behalf of the company.

Wang Pos

At the Post Office counter.......

Me : Wang Pos ini sudah tak diguna. Saya nak claim balik wang. (This Wang Pos is not in used anymore, so I wish to claim back the money).

Officer : Mintak IC (IC please)

Me : Ok

* while taking out my purse and flip through. To my horror, my IC IS MISSING !" *

Me : Errmm....IC takde kat sini. Boleh guna lesen pemandu? ( My IC is not with me. Can I use my driving lisence?)

Officer : Tak boleh. Mesti guna IC. (No, You must show me your IC)

Oh no!!! MY IC IS MISSING ! I don't even have any idea WHEN my IC when missing !!!!

On the way back to the office, I was thinking and thinking but just could not remember when I last used my IC. Maybe I lost it in Genting (used it to check in room) ? Maybe I lost it in a coffee shop ?

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed, I hope my IC is in my bedroom. Have to wait till after office hour only go home and check. Please....pray for me!

Otherwise, it will be a hassle - to make police report, to reapply again and to pay the RM100 FINE! :-(


  1. Uh oh... hope it's somewhere safe at home...

  2. I hope this email found you found your IC at home..

  3. yeah if not you also got to go and "sumpah" also.. tats wat i heard

  4. Maybe one of the kids took it? Hope you find your NRIC.

  5. Hope you can find ur IC at happened to my hubby once...he thgt he lost his IC and faster went re-do,at last IC was at home.

  6. I hope you found your IC. Good Luck!

  7. Maybe you changed handbags, you left or forgot to transfer it over?
    Women have more than 12 handbags for all occasions...or in a small wallet?
    I don't think it's missing, misplaced...yes. Its at home.
    Hope you find it. Lee.

  8. Everyone, thank you for the comments. It does gave me HOPES!

    Uncle Lee ~ LOL! To be honest, I do not have so many handbags. I only have 2.

  9. Oh dear! I hope you find your missing Ic soon. You must have misplaced it somewhere. I lost my IC last year to snatch thieves but they did not charge me. I think they change the policy, and already impose RM100 fine for the 1st time you lost it.

    It is indeed very hassle to reapply for new one. The long queue, photo taking and coming back for new IC.


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