Monday, November 2, 2009

Kodomo Lion Toothpaste

Photo courtesy of Lioncorp

When I was a kid, I love to use the Kodomo Lion toothpaste. It smell and taste like candy.

I've introduced the Orange flavour toothpaste to YX but he just refused to use it. He started brushing his teeth about a year ago and has been brushing them without using any toothpaste. Much of coaxing does not work and I just let him brush the way he wanted.

Then, one day when we were at the shopping mall, I showed him the toothpaste on the shelf. I told him that there are a few flavours and maybe he wish to choose one for himself and he should try to use them.

Maybe the colour and varieties on the shelf attracted him, am glad that he made a decision and choosed GRAPE flavour. During that night, while I was helping him with his evening bathe, I took out the toothpaste and asked if he wanted to try them now.

^_^ YES was his reply and up till today, he has been brushing his teeth happily with his choice of toothpaste. When I took out the Orange flavour for him, he still refused. Wonder why.


  1. Good boy! You are smart to let him choose which one he prefers. ;) Maybe he doesn't like the Orange flavour..hehe. But Gwen's been using the Orange flavour one. Gwen just started using Kodomo Lion toothpaste few weeks ago. All this while she has been using Oral B.

  2. oh.. smart boy! and I used to use the grape flavour too! I think the Orange flavour taste bit like medicine.. :p

  3. Better choose toothpaste without flouride for kids or else their teeth would have white spots on them. My eldest son teeth has this spots because he used flouride toothpaste since small.

  4. Maybe grape taste is like medicine taste....

  5. Mummy Gwen ~ Sometimes, kid just wants to have own opinion and make their own choice. As long as it benefits them, I don't mind letting them be the 'boss'. hehe

    Cynthia ~ Really? I did not try the taste of the Orange flavour but thought he will like it. But I was wrong.

    Pete ~ I did not realised that. He just started a few weeks ago on the toothpaste. And I still have the whole tube!

    Mery ~ Seriously, i did not try on the taste of his toothpaste and I've also forgotten how it taste like.

  6. Yeah, I was about to say what Pete said... for young kids, fluoride is not good just in case they swallow it. I buy the Pureen one for Chloe, it is fluoride-free, SLS-free, saccharin-free and the price is very reasonable too. But this one no grape flavour la... orange, strawberry and mint only.

  7. Chloe ~ Oh dear...looks like I got to change toothpaste for YX for health reason.

  8. Thanks for some insights from you and fellow readers' comments. I myself have not yet decided when to let Juan Or brush teeth using toothpaste and to use what brand.

  9. Today I purchased codomo lion toothpaste for my baby girl aged 4 & I have one more baby girl aged 1 and half. In the pack there was a toy car particles to be jointed together as a small car. These were of so low quality that car cannot be remain together, and parts are so small that kids can be choked. I think u should consider the fact that these gifts are for kids and it should be safe and of higher quality. THANKS

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