Monday, November 16, 2009

Married with kids

Last Saturday we attended a friend's wedding ceremony at KL. The newly-wed couple was actually hubby's ex-colleague. Hubby's former company was some sort of a 'match making' company. Many who worked there at their early 20s will get a partner and ended up married! Hahaha....this is TRUE. The company is actually dealing with educations software and many who worked there are fresh gratuates and they fall in love easily. hehe... but hubby did not get a chance to join in this 'match making' game because he was not 'available' anymore before working at this company. We met earlier *wink wink*

Ok, back to the wedding ceremony. It was a great 'meet up' for hubby with his old buddies. Can see he was very happy that night with so much to catch up with his friends. He did not sit at his place throughout the wedding ceremony, abondoning me and YX busy eating. (we did not bring baby XJ along).

We arrived on time (as what was stated on the invitation card), but the whole restaurant was so empty! This is very normal for a chinese wedding reception. As time goes by, people started to arrive. We were happy to see so many couples had already tied the knot with most of them have became a parent. Well, some couples do invite us for their wedding, some did not. Friends were also surprised to see YX had grown up so big! hahaha....

This clearly shows that we are OLD already. In just a short 3 - 4 years, many have became a Mother & Father. It was really great seeing these old friends again. Recalling back, seeing them from being single, attached, married and now, have children was such a great feeling !


  1. hehehe Hope scientific can create one medicine to make that we always look young... hahaha

    Meet with old friend ~ recall back all sweet memory

  2. Very good "Feng Shui" that company. hahaha

  3. Most of my friends are married and with kids. It does make you feel older seeing single friends getting married. And also remind you of your own wedding reception too! :p each wedding my hubby went to, he will tell me that it reminded him of ours and ours was still the best :)

  4. Mummy Gwen ~ hahaha.....

    CH Voon ~ up with old friend are great.

    smallkucing ~ haha...that company got a balance of men and women. So can easily get a parthner.

    Rose ~ How sweet is your hubby !

  5. hey, i think ur secondary school friends, many are still not married ler...

  6. yeah...agree
    when gathering with friends, the topic now are normally start with kids!

  7. SP ~ Errmmm....50 - 50 la. hehe...

    Little Prince ~ how many months? how big already? goes to kindie or not?

  8. Oh, coincidence again... i worked in an education software company too... and many of the staffs are married to each other!! Maybe your hub was my ex-colleague too haha (but dun think so lah, cos his name is not familiar to me)

  9. Oh, yes, agree, once we have colleagues or ex-collegues who also have kids, children becomes our main topic of conversation.

    About your hubby's ex-company's staff who end up marrying each other, this reminds me of the church where I came from. Many of the youngsters there end up marrying each other as well. The result? There are a few big family clans in the church. (But I'm not one of those clans!) Hehehee...

  10. Age is catching up so fast,huh? time really flies... so does my age too :(


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