Friday, November 20, 2009

No Business

Baby XJ has been quite good in doing her 'business' regularly in the morning. However, since I brought her to the office on Tuesday (17 Nov), she has somehow forgotten to poo!

She has not been pooing for almost 4 days!!!! What should I do?

I've diluted her milk intake, so she can consume more water. This does not help.

I've given her 2 pieces of prunes yesterday night, and she still did not show any sign of pooing.

This morning, I tried to give her a bottle of Yakult (suggested by MIL) and after taking a few sips, she refuse to drink. I still have another bottle in the fridge and will try to give it to her again later.

During lunch time, I bought 2 mini Hawaii papayas and she managed to eat 1 slice.

She is now taking her afternoon nap and hopefully, she will poo when she wakes up.

Is there any other way I could use? I'm so worried for her. ~_~


  1. i suggest don't let them sleep too late... then it will help.

  2. Gwen used to have constipation. The sunsweet prune juice works very well on her. Maybe you can give it a try.

  3. Joshua always have constipation too.

    I gave :
    fresh orange juice
    lotsa warm milk
    put lotion on his bum

  4. Wah,4 days no poo poo for a child, still ok lah,,, not adult... anyway once i tried to add a little salt on the prune juice, orange juice or whatever juice, as for me it worked well, may be you can try it...

    hey take care now

  5. Let her drink more water,can try sunsweet prune juice.

  6. SOmetimes Juan Or has constipation problem also. I gave him banana to eat and it works.

    I also notice that when babies/toddlers undergo some change of routine, their bowel pattern seems to change too! Example, Juan Or poos everyday in babysitter's house, but when the weekend comes (when he spends more of the daytime in own hhouse or go jalan-jalan with hubby and I), he tends not to poo. Example, last week Friday night, Juan Or ate 3 batang of steamed ladies finger (campur with curry laksa's gravy) and he loves eating it! And I expected him to poo the next day. But he didn't although he spent first half of the day at the babysitter's house. Sunday also didn't poo and I'm getting worried also. Hopefully he poos today :-)

    By the way, MIL had used the laxative on Juan Or before to clear the old poo from his system.

  7. Oh dear. How come her business disrupted by going to your office? 4 days? That is long. Even the longest my daughter didnt have poo was 2 days. Since I gave her Cosway Hi-Fibre she has been pooing every day, sometimes twice a day. I also scared of her pooing so many times a day. Hahah! and her appetite is better too, she can finish a bowl of rice herself.

  8. Slowly massage her tummy when she is sitting on her potty or while taking her bath. I should get the big colon and rectum muscle to start working!

  9. CH Voon ~ what the old people said 'heaty' if you sleep late at night.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I never thought of that! Thks. Should know what to do next time.

    smallkucing ~ Why apply lotion? Will that help??

    Eugene ~ Hmm..nice one here. Add salt into juices never crossed my mind. Thks

    Mery ~ Ya..never thought of that earlier. Only know how to give her edible prune.

    Alice ~ I also noticed that a change of environment will cause constipation.

    Rose ~ Wah..that product sounds very good le. But safe for baby?

    Pete ~ Really? next time I shall try. Thks

  10. For me, papaya work best for kids or adults constipation.


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