Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I think I better post something to 'activate' my blog. I have left it untouched for so long.

The unpackings are as tedious as packings. But am glad that many of the things are being neatly arranged into the designated area. There were times where I can't even find my towel because I have forgotten which box I've kept in. Same goes to my MIL. She can't find her handphone charger. However, as day goes by, and things are being arranged neatly, we finally found them!

Since the house is still new, many relatives will suddenly pop in at anytime of the day to have a short tour. MIL being a 'mother' will get very worried when the house is in a very messy state. She will quickly goes to every rooms to check and briefly clear off the mess. My room was being highlighted as 'VERY MESSY' because I did not make my bed! I used to make my bed every morning until one fine day, I started to turn lazy and ignored to fold the blankets. Now, it has became a bad habit. So, MIL was nagging away and told me that she quickly help me to fold the blanket (including YX & XJ's) before showing the room to the relatives.

So paisey........ but besides than lazy, I really don't have the time to make bed. In the morning, the clock tick extremely fast (this is how I feel). I need to help YX to wash up and if time permits, I will bathe XJ. So, where got time to fold blanket????

Do you make bed every morning?

Note: Hubby is also as lazy as me. He said we need to use the blanket every night, so why we fold them?


  1. welcome back!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New year!

  2. Ya lor, baru you tahu so long you didnt update your blog,,, anyway glad that you're back,hahahah.

    dont be lazy yo,,

    merry christmas ad may the good Lord bless you lot lot lot,,,,,,,

  3. I try too.. but somehow.. sometimes.. the bed is always in a mess :D

  4. Welcome back! Missed u leh hehe :p Aiya fold blanket very senang only ma... 20 seconds kautim la. I do it everyday without fail :-) I am a neat-freak, cannot stand the sight of untidiness.

  5. I also don't fold blanket in the morning! hahahah...

  6. I have to agree with your hubby :p. I lazy to fold blanket too

  7. CH Voon ~ Thks for 'welcoming' me back. hehe. Merry X'mas to u too.

    Eugene ~ Ya..I kinda neglected my blog le. hehe....hope could get back to the normal routine soon. Thks for coming back. Will try not to be 'lazy' .... it will be my next year revolution. hehe... hopefully.

    Merryn ~ Hahaha.....hope that will not deter you from folding your blanket every morning.

    Chloe ~ Thks for welcoming me back. And thks for missing me. Felt so nice got ppl miss me. hehe....Wah...20 sec in the morning rush hour is too much for me le. Every morning I always rush to the office! I think my time management needs some improvement. hehe

    SP ~ *high five* I used to. Really. When I was still room was really TIDY. But once I have my own family....I don't have that much of energy anymore!

    Smallkucing ~ *high five* with u too! hahaha.. hubby said that because he is afraid I will pass that responsibility to him. Ends up, we both agreed and left the blanket the way it is. hehee

  8. See my mood. if good mood and still early, then I will make my bed. Otherwise like you said, we wake up and go out to work and only come back and sleep on bed at night, so why bother to fold the blanket!!! Wish we have some machine that can make the bed for us :p

  9. Rose ~ so your room is 50 / 50 tidy. hehe.... hope I can do the 50/50 as well. hehe

  10. well.. for me.. i don have to fold coz mine is a duvet so i just cover the entire bed.. haha.. easier..

  11. Funkiegal ~ Same le...mine also something like duvet (can cover the whole bed) but I also lazy to spread them out! hehe...but both the kids are blanket. Till today, I still did not fold them. Really very rushing in the morning.

  12. Haha, your husband very funny lah!

    For me, I will just fold my blanket in rectangle shape, that's it! Hehe.


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