Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All about the EYE

During my trip back to Johor last week, I got to spent quality time with my parents and my parents sure enjoyed playing with both YX and XJ. Both grandparents dotes on them dearly. Aren't the kids lucky?

The main reasons of travelling back for a week was because of treating YX's eye. One of my cousin's wife uses traditional method to heal his eye and we are all keeping our fingers cross.

His eye has been like this for 1 month already. Sometimes it gets bigger, sometimes smaller. But it just doesn't get away. Some old people advised to tie black thread on both his middle fingers, but that does not seems to work too!

So what traditional method is that? In my hometown, when you have a swollen eye, people believe it is due to heat and poison. By catching the 'qi', it will 'kill' the heat and poison in your body and thus, your eye gets better. See the video below.


Alas, after catching the 'qi' for almost 5 times, the swollen foreign thing still did not get away. However, yesterday night I've noticed his eye bleed a little bit and the pore are opening up. Maybe it is 'ripe' and we will just wait and see. That is all we could do. ;-(

Note : The eye specialist already said it will take months to heal.


  1. hmmm... mostly ppl say gotta do with the blood, yeah, the poison or somtin. visited chinese med hall? ask opinion?

  2. YX is such a good boy, just stood still while being "massaged". Hope his eye gets back to normal soon!

  3. Get well soon YX. I didn't know you can massage it away.

  4. aiyo.....when I was small I kena before but not as bad. Just a tiny one and after it pop, it become better very fast. One or two weeks only.

    heartache to see the red lump so big

    Agreed with Irene. Try Chinese Medicine Hall.

  5. Irene ~ Thought of it, but did not do it. Heard people said sometimes chinese medicine are better.

    Chloe ~ Yes..I was surprised too by his attitude. He is really cooperative the other day. ;-)

    Mummy Gwen ~ Older people tend to believe. But for me, I still believe proper medications. hehe

    smallkucing ~ Oh...peeping somebody at the toilet le. hehe.....Btw, got the intention to bring him to seek chinese sensei advise but did not materialised.

  6. Poor boy! Do update on his eye development, ya?

  7. Alice ~ That 'thing' is still there till today. sigh! wonder when that will be gone.

  8. Hi, first time here coming from Irene's blog :)

    Since you have tried some of the methods to treat the problem, would you care to let him try on negative ION eye mask?

    It is not any med or cream need to apply. Negative ION is all natural element which can be found in our air which allow to improved immune system, ease pain, swollen and recovery of sickness and etc. It produced when this special Teviron fabric rub and contact to skin. You can let him wear it during sleep hours...

    I just afraid if he let you put it on for him covering his eye...the longer hours it put on, the better for it to work on his problem.

    You can check out more here -

    Don't hestitate to contact me, if you like to know more I'm happy to help.

    Have a nice day.

  9. hey, you know what? Ashley had the same thing when she was almost 2 years old. We tried everything...but in the end..had to be surgically removed. it's better this way as the pus needs to be removed. You can check out my previous posts on this - and


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