Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big Headz Elephant

When I showed YX this form, he quickly said he wanted the Elephant.

Manged to collect the stamps half way and YX has been patiently waiting for the redemption.

Finally, we got it last night! Mum and cousins have been helping me to collect the extra stamps. Thanks a lot to both of them. I personally like the Hippo but YX insisted on the elephant. So, his wish was granted.


  1. eeeeh my mom collecting too, but tak sampai2! haha... konon wanna give krys. i like the hippo & giraffe. toooo cute!

  2. Hi hi, visiting you back. :)

    Woo the real toy looks quite big. I thought it's a small one. Have not seen the actual one (errr pai seh I don't go out often. Hehehehe. ) but from the picture the Lion looks cute. :)

    Btw, notice that both our kids are same age! Mine also going to 4 and 2 this year. :)

  3. The Guardian stamps, right? the other day sales, i went and spent around 300rm.. but now i dont remember where i put the stamps .. anyway, difficult for me to reach 40.. ! hahaa...

  4. I like the elephant too but didnt buy much from Guardian

  5. Oh cool!
    Now I never expected it to be in THAT SIZE!!!
    Its a great reward!

  6. Cynthia ~ For that size, it is really worth it.

    Irene ~ haha...go shops more at Guardian. faster faster....ends in Feb 2010.

    cheeyee ~ Thks for visiting back. Yeah..I too noticed both kids are the same age as yours. ;-)
    Ya...the toy looks big. I like it myself. hehe

    reanaclaire ~ Yes..Guardian! Actually I spent hundreds too during the SALES on 1 JAN 2010 and managed to get around 20 stamps. Then mum & cousin help me to complete it! Aiyo...should have keep the stamps for me...maybe I can redeem my hippo le....

    smallkucing ~ Sometimes, Guardian sales can be quite attractive (esp vitamins). That is where i spent and got the stamps. hehe

    Angeline ~ Yeah...GREAT SIZE huh. Even the eyes are big and round. hehe

  7. i didnt reallt fancy this version of toys so didnt collect the stamps. De last time i collected was the Tigger and Frens one.

  8. I didn't even know Guardian got this until my sister redeemed it and gave to C quite some time ago. She got a giraffe :-)

  9. I love soft toys too (even when I'm already a mum!), but the main problem now is that I don't buy so much things from Guardian and also even if I use money to buy, in the end, don't know where to put or store them. My display cabinet so far already reach the limit for keeping this kind of things! hehehe....

  10. Mommy Ling ~ It is not EASY to collect these stamps. Need lots of money and time too!

    Chloe ~ Ohh...so lucky...My bro too got a giraffe for his son.

    Alice ~ LOL....should do some stock taking. hehe


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