Friday, January 15, 2010

Boiled orange

Last week, YX was sick again! Sigh! His immue system is no longer strong. Is it due to the weather? Or is it due to his food intake? I wonder.

As school reopen on the 4 January 2010, YX was happily attending school again without any fuss, except for the waking up process in the morning. He will cry like being abused by his going -to-be crazy mother. But on Friday morning, he surprises us with waking up on his own, NO CRYING, NO SHOUTING and obediently goes to the toilet to wash up.

However, half way in the school, his teacher called to inform that he is having a fever and requesting us to pick him up. Doctor then confirmed that he is down with throat infections, flu and now, cough with pleghm. Can hear him 'barking'.

Seen doctor twice in a week because his body was kinda 'HOT' when we touched with our hand. However, the doctor confirmed there is no more fever on the 2nd visit as the thermometer showed 37 degree celcius. But his cough is still very bad.

Then, mum suggested to use this method instead (which was introduced by my late aunty) - Double boiled Orange.

You will need 1 small orange and some honey. You can substitute honey with rock sugar, etc just to make it sweet.

Use a fork to poke the orange into many holes so the juices will flow out when you boil it.

Instead of pot, I used slow cooker (to cook overnight) so I do not need to keep an eye on the fire. I ON it at around 11 pm and OFF it the next morning around 6.30 am.
If double boiled, you will need to boil for at least 4 hours (low fire). Once ready, let it cool and drink when it is still warm. The taste? BITTER with orange-gy smell.
As I need to let YX drink it, I added loads of honey into it to make it sweet. But the BITTER still wins and at the end, YX only drank 1/2 and the remaining all went into my tummy. The next day, I boiled it again and try to coax YX to drink, but he just refuse to even take a sip. The whole thing went into my tummy again. Sigh! Not sure if this home remedy will cure cough or not since YX does not wants to be my guinea pig !
Have anyone heard of this home remedy before? Does it works?


  1. Ur remedy kinda of similar but mine have a lil different. i m not sure if u come across kat peng (dried orange). Then add in kat peng, red dates and boil it. Add rock sugar for the sweet taste. I boil it for about 2-3 hrs. Came out to be nice and cure my sore throat. If u add in some ice cubes, even Sedap..hehehe

  2. It worked on my friend's son but not on my hubby coz he drink it cold :(

  3. Hope YX get well soon. Ermm..I've never come across this recipe b4.

  4. Never heard of using orange for remedy. But I know that people used lemon and honey for cough and sore throat remedy....

    Hope your boy recovering soon. it must be the weather and maybe he got the infection in school....

  5. Mommy Ling ~ Never heard of your receipe. But sounds kinda nice to drink. Can try it next time as a dessert. ;-)

    smallkucing ~ Haha..y u serve cold to hubby? But this method only works on some.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks. I do hope he will be fine. Need to sent him back to school on Mon.

    Rose ~ Ya ya...heard of that lemon and honey too, but did not try. YX did not go to school for about 1 week liau...scare he will infect other students. But need to sent him back this monday. hopefully he is fine by then.

  6. er… your case almost like another blogger Mery!
    Take care of you kids… very easy to get sick nowadays!
    Boilded orange… it is my first time I get this info… good?

  7. CH Voon ~ at Mery's blog too. About the oranges, it works on some and NOT on some. Not sure. Wanna be my guinea pig? ehehe....

  8. Thanks for sharing this home remedy! I have never heard of it, but may try it as last resort next time. I can understand that it can be very difficult to coax young children to drink anything that doens't go well with their taste! It's just so frustrating! There was one time when I felt Juan Or's diet had been very low on vege, so I steamed some vege, and the vege juice/water that came out I tried giving it to Juan Or and he blatantly refused. Not even when I tried using the syringe to get the juice into his mouth!

  9. Alice ~ U made an effort to steam the vege for the juice for Juan or!!! what a dedicated mum.

  10. haha...surely taste good the whole house! but is it effective?

  11. Mummy to QiQi ~ Yes..the whole house so fragance with orange smell. But not sure if effective or not coz YX does not want to drink. At the end, we feed him medicine.

  12. I'm glad to hear this remedy worked for YX. I wanna try this coz didi is stil coughing (more than 3 wks edi). Thx for the detailed method of cooking. :)

  13. hi,
    In order to get rid of  cold sage is a wondrous herb rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc.When mixed with honey, a preservative, it soothes the nerves. 



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