Monday, January 18, 2010

Inhaling fresh air again

After a long..... long..... break, finally we went to the S2 City Park again last Sunday (10 Jan). The kids woke up early that day and hence, we just pack whatever neccessary and headed out. No planning at all.

The weather was extremely good that day. Sunny with strong cool wind. But my camera battery was exhausted and I only managed to capture a handful of pictures. That was also the 1st trip to the park in year 2010 and the 1st for baby XJ to put on her shoes to explore the park on her own. No need to bring stoller anymore. *wink*

Hubby brought along the bubbles set and baby was so excited 'catching' them.

However, YX was not interested with the bubbles. Instead, he was busy feeding the fishes and tortoises in the pond. He is not interested with photo taking too. Look at his not - so - happy look!

So, baby was my model that day as she knows how to enjoy smilling for the camera.

Then she realised there are fishes in the pond and decided to kneel down and have a good look. Thought she found some GOLD or DIAMOND !


  1. Nice to feed the fishes and tortoise. Kids just love it!

  2. Oh it's baby's maiden walk in the park! :-) The air is fresher in the morning but we always go there in the evenings (usually Sat).

  3. Baby XJ looks so cute on all fours peeking at fishes :-). Walks in the park is much healthier than any malls, ya.

  4. *laugh*
    That last photo was funny!!!
    Its an awesome day, nothing beats staying out of that 4 walls, errr..unless its raining.... *wink*

  5. So fun! Get to play bubbles again!

  6. Looks like fun! I love feeding fish too :D

  7. It is great time to bring children outside better than stay at home.

  8. Pete ~ When I was young, I love to feed fishes too. are my kids' turn.

    smallkucing ~ Go Tesco and buy the big bottle (1 litre). Only a few bucks.

    Chloe ~ In the morning, not that crowded. U should try it next time. Toilet also free. hehe

    BoeyJoey ~ Ya ya...inhaling fresh air!

    Angeline ~ haha...if raining, staying at home is better huh.

    SP ~ Something to entertain the kids rather than keeping them at home watching tv and playing toys.

    Merryn ~ But YX only wants to feed the tortoises. When the fishes ate the bread, he will get so upset and shouting for the tortoises to eat. *funny*

    CH Voon ~ Once in a while, it is really fun. But got to wake up early otherwise, it gets really hot.

  9. Mery ~ We adults enjoyed ourselves too! hehe

  10. hahaha....for YX, looks like he has already outgrown his fondness for playing with bubbles! :-)

  11. Alice ~ His mood that day is not good kua. hehe..


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