Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The loving brother & sister

The other day when I asked both of them to pose for me.............,

YX quickly hug his baby sister and pose for the camera. OOOooooo ~ How loving !

Then, baby started to struggle but this cheeky boy holds on to her.

Baby trying to run away, but the loving brother hug her 3 x tighter. See how much he loves her.

And grab poor baby to pose for the camera again.

Poor baby, feeling so iritated but cannot run away !


  1. Hahah...i understand how de sister felt cos Ethel always hug her sister tight tight till her sister also BEH Tahan and run away.

  2. lovingly!! how nice to have siblings hoh..

  3. I love your son's cheeky smile! And both of them are behaving very cutely in their own way!

  4. cute..
    i can see a future leng zai when i see yx.. haha..

  5. the 3rd pic was real cute...kakaka...can see mei mei struggling to get away

  6. Ha ha, cute, hard to keep babies still!

  7. What a loving pair of siblings. YX will be a good kor kor. :)

  8. Mommy Ling ~ the younger one is always the 'victim' la

    Cynthia ~ Can hug and fight too!

    Alice ~ cheeky and mischevious smiles

    donna ~ LOL ! and I see that too....*wink*

    smallkucing ~ yaya..she tried REALLLLL hard.

    Pete ~ and hard to take photos for them!

    Mummy Gwen ~ Seriusly, he is a good koko. He knows how to sayang his baby sister.

    little prince ~ *smile* and love to see them hug hug like that.

  9. I pity XJ …. I think she is forced by YX to take photos right.
    She look not willing to take photos… :P

  10. haha... looks like your boy really likes having photos taken ya... but really could see the misery on your gal's face.

  11. CH Voon ~ haha...see YX's face full with smiles, while XJ looked so irritated.

    SP ~ Ya..that boy is like a 'vain pot'. Like to pose for camera. hehehe...

  12. Kor Kor is so "yuk gan" with mei mei.
    I am sure he is a loving brother.


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