Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Poor Birdie

Not long ago, I've noticed that there is a bird nest right above the roof where I parked my car in my work place. Can see the mummy bird sitting on the nest protecting her eggs. Little did I know the eggs had since been hatched and the mummy is actually going through her confinement period. ^_ ^

However, these poor little birdie.....sigh........DROP DOWN FROM THEIR NEST! Wonder how did this happen. Sad huh ! See the video below.


This is still alive when I shoot this video. Can see its little body moving (breathing). A few hours later, it died.


This is already dead. Saw those black ants around its little body?

Both are soooooo near to my car door. Lucky hubby and I saw and manged to avoid stepping on them. Imagine if we are looking at the sky and walk !!! .......Eiisshhhhh !!!

Now, put the dead birds aside...., this is what I get for parking under the shades.

My car is always the 'victim'.

** Sorry if I provoked any bird lovers or anyone who feels uneasy when seeing this videos. I can't do much to help the birds. ** I too felt sad and 'geli'. May the birdies RIP.


  1. What to do!? Sometimes accidents happen in nature. Some more, naturally the nest is high up in the tree, so if the little bird accidentally got pushed out of the nest, or accidentally wriggled out of the nest, then it's RIP for the little birdie. God bless the little birdie's soul. By the way, I usually avoid parking under shady trees becos of this ;-) unless I don't have a choice! But I remember there was only one incident where there's no shady tree above my car, yet got bird shit! Heheheh.....can go and buy lottery already! ;-)

  2. Poor bird... maybe that's nature's way of controlling their population. Your car got a sun-roof? ;-)

  3. Poor bird.. it happens.. all the time .. :(

  4. Alice ~ Not tree. It is in between the 'skeleton' of the roofing.

    Chloe ~ what is sun-roof ? Mine is a Myvi

    Merryn ~ ya...hope I won't see that again.

    Broccoli Ginger ~ ya..poor birdie. and I got to clean off their dead bodies.

    smallkucing - ya...for the bird - R.I.P


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