Thursday, January 7, 2010

A simple family potrait

Recently, YX managed to draw a house with roof, window, door and sometimes, road. I'm happy that this boy of mine keen to learn new things and he will ask how to do this, how to do that and when we showed him, he will try to absorb.

Hubby was the one who taught him how to draw a house and he finally managed to do it all by himself. What surprises me was he even draw 'My Family' at the window and said "One Happy Family". sweet was that!!!

All the words are written by YX with my help in spelling out for him. Whenever he drew baby XJ, he must include Patrick. And feeling jealous, he also want a doggie as a companion now.


  1. What a piece of art. Well done, YX! He is really good. He writes very well too. I'm impressed.

  2. Wow! He can draw and write very well. He's way ahead of Chloe lah... If you see what my girl draws, sure shake head :-(

  3. Wow..dat's cute!!
    I always love to see the kids draw. Their creative piece of work simply touches our heart.

  4. I feel touched too when you mentioned he wrote "One Happy Family" for his family portrait. It shows that YX is growing up happily in the family you and hubby are building and that he is proud of his family! :-)

  5. Clever boy. I am sure mummy is very touched.

  6. wow, your little boy can draw very well :) good job.

  7. Mummy Gwen ~ I likes his drawing too. Many said he is so different from mummy and daddy....haha...because we can't draw.

    Chloe ~ Don't worry.....after attending school, soon she will be catching up! hehe

    Mommy Ling ~ really touches my heart.

    Alice ~ serius. hehe...he is sure happy coz hubby & I always so manja him

    Rose ~ Yes really touched. That's why I took photo of it.

    Mommy to Chumsy ~ He loves to draw.

  8. very good la, his artwork. well done!


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