Monday, January 25, 2010

What ? Again ? !!

I'm always curiuos of what YX DO and EAT in the kindie. So, everytime after I got back home....

August 2009
Me : What did you do in the school today?
YX : Learn ABC and 123
Me : Good.

October 2009
Me : What did you learn in the school today?
YX : ABC and 123
Me : Anything else?
YX : No.
Me : *faint*

January 2010
Me : What did the teacher teach you today?
YX : ABC and 123
Me : Again? Nothing new?
YX : No
Me : * faint* *faint*


Week 1
Me : What did you eat in the school today?
YX : 'Mian Fen Gao' (Pan Mee)
Me : it delicious?
YX : Yes. Got hotdog

Week 2
Me : What did you eat in the school today ?
YX : 'Mian Fen Gao'
Me : Again ? Do you like it?
YX : YESSS!!! Got hotdog
Me : Uh......(in my heart, oh dear ! I never buy these processed meat for YX but he ate in the school instead)

Week 3
Me : *As usual, same question* What did you eat today?
YX : * Same answer again* 'Mian Fen Gao'
Me : Aunty did not cook something else?
YX : No wor. and got hotdog

********** And fast forward **********

Me : What do you eat today?
YX : 'MIAN FEN GAO' with hotdog AGAIN !!
Me : ok (immuned already)

And YX also know how to end the answer with the word 'AGAIN ! '

Between, the aunty in the kindie do cook something else, like porridge, fried noodles and bread with jam for the kids. However, it is like 70 % 'mian fen gao' and 30% others.

And of course the kindie DID NOT only teach them ABC & 123, but YX thought so.


  1. I guess, YX, like any other males in general, tend to give answers that represent the 'big picture'. So since pan mee with hotdog is served most of the time, so his answer is like that all the time. Likewise, other things are also taught in kindi, but the most common underlying principle is about recognizing letters and counting, so I guess that's why his answer is always the same. ^ ^

  2. hahaha, ur conversations is quite cute^^ Clicked ur nuff too:)

  3. hahaha.. thank goodness u have ur faith in the kindie. some parents just listen to their child and went straight and 'fire' the kindie...

  4. Five Five mnHl...when i asked Ethel what she learns today..Same answer again and again that is ABC and 123...slapped forehead***

  5. Haha...he is a cute boy lah. When I ask Gwen what did she learn in school, she said "Nothing"..*slap forehead*

  6. hahahah... just like my boy, everyday just tell me he had corn bread (his fav) :P but it's actually not.

  7. Hahaha at least he gave you "proper answers". I ask C the same thing everyday too and her answer is always "I don't know". *slap forehead harder* haha!

  8. Hahaha! Guess learning ABC and 123 and eating mien fen gao is his favorite? :D

  9. hahaha... your conversations so funny. wow... nowadays kindergarten serve mian fen gao? but serve like 3 days per week? or is it you always ask on the same day each week?

  10. Ha ha, boys like to give funny answers....just to pull mummy leg! LOL!

  11. Lol *guling*guling* on the floor*

    Very funny answers :D

  12. Alice ~ I do think so too. Only the 'big picture' is in his head. hehe

    Kelvin ~ Thks for the clicked.

    Merryn ~ The kindie was choosen by me, so must have the faith la. Otherwise I cannot work in peace when he goes to the kindie. ^_^

    Mommy Ling ~ *high 5* that is what they really learn in the kindie.

    Mummy Gwen ~ hahaha....she is still new in the school...give her more time and she will come back and tell you non stop!

    BroccoliGinger ~ haha...because that is already in his head!

    Chloe ~ oooo....don't slap too hard! LOL... give her more time and she will comes back telling you non stop.

    cheeyee ~ I think that answers are already in his head. Locked inside already. hehehe

    SP ~ I think MOST of the time the aunty cook 'mien fen gao'.

    Pete ~ He answer me seriously! LOL....all inside his head.

    smallkucing ~ LOL.....your reactions are so cute ^_^

  13. eh.. mien fan gao is a hassle to cook and feed the kids rite ? in a way, the school did make an effort. my girl's kindie does not even provide food at all and lazy mummy packs biscuits and yakult for her everyday.

  14. Hahahaha…. I hope after cny, YX will never tell you ABC, 123 & hotdog again.
    Maybe, you need to change the question as well.
    Beside learn ABC & 123… any other s?
    Beside eat hotdog…. Any others?

  15. coffeesncookies ~ but the aunty likes to cook mien fen gao. Yesterday I asked YX again and he answered me 'mien fen gao' again wor. LOL

  16. CH Voon ~ LOL....yes yes...maybe my questions always the same. That's y I'm receiving same answer all the time! hahaha

  17. Hahaha... so cute all the convos. My son got to know hotdogs from school, as we too don't buy processed meat. Sigh... so unhealthy right?

  18. Yours everyday serve pan mee, mine here everyday bread...anyway at his age is abc, 123 only rush..

    Today, Terry tell me that he did the colouring on Arm part, consider ok when keep asking he tells me different things.

  19. BoeyJoey ~ If eat once in a while ok, but YX is like eating so often. I'm worried too.

    Lemonjude ~ Is Terry bored with the food in the kindie? Good that he knows what he is learning in the kindie. Mine? I have to guess everyday. hehhe


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