Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Intl Hot Air Balloon

Yesterday, we woke up extremely early - at 5.30 am JUST to catch the Hot Air Balloon fiesta in Putrajaya. I was a little reluctant to wake up because Sunday is the only day I could sleep till 8am (if the kids did not wake up earlier than me). Moreover, we have been there last year, but hubby was eager to bring YX and XJ to watch the balloons. So, I had to sacrifies my precious sleeping time.

We were early. The balloons were all not set up yet. And we even found a nice spot, standing in the front row. The weather was extremely nice too! From the time we arrived till we left (at around 9 +), it was cloudy all the way.

Once started, the balloons just bloom like mushroom! Left and right all started to inflate. As I turned my head to look behind, I was surprised to see a whole 'sea' of people behind us! Those crowd suddenly appeared and everyone was busy snapping their camera away. And I love to admired their high-tech camera too. Cool !

Levi's jeans hot air balloon. Looks kinda cute but it does not 'fly off' like the other balloons. Not sure why.

The most famous one. Everyone went WAH....WOW....Darth Vader from the movie Star Wars. Looks cool !
Baby XJ certainly enjoyed herself running around the road, exploring everything. She was so curious that she walked towards an uncle who was taking pictures for his family, touching his camera and bags. I quickly grab her away. This girl, she makes me run up and down early in the morning! As for YX, he does not seems to be interested at all. He just sat down with his father across the road.

After the show, we went to Mines Shopping Center. We were early too! Not all shops are open, so we just walk aimlessly. haha.... Since we were already there, we study the directory to see what F & B outlet that we can't find in Seremban and we ended up choosing Carl's Jr.
Great burger with great taste and great PRICE too! I love the fat and juicy burger and fries but hubby thought they were a little bit pricey. For 1 set (Burger + fries + bottomless soft drink), we paid RM24 +. Thou the burger are tasty, I regretted eating there because the two kids were shouting and snatching the fries and soft drink. Sigh! No table manners at all. Like we never feed them like that. Due to this, we did not even refill the soft drink. In future, will not bring the kids to such fast food outlet anymore. Too unhealthy for them!


  1. Good that the weather was alright!

    And yeah, I kinda like Carls Junior too but to me a bit pricey....really can get at RM24?

  2. The Levi's jeans DID fly leh :)

  3. Ann ~ The burger set was around RM22 / RM23 plus taxes comes to RM24 something. We only buy 1 set because I find the burger very BIG.

    Merryn ~ It did not. It was deflated and we did not see it anymore.

    smallkucing ~ Ya...but next year must go for the night glow so no need to wake up so early. haha

  4. Everybody went to the same place over the weekend, it seems. Did you all meet one another? No photos leh?

  5. Looks like fun but how come so fast deflated geh. Sounds like the night glow one more exciting leh.

  6. wow..woke up so early..i go pasar pagi also dont wake up that early...heheh

    at least u all had a great n fun regret.

  7. For me the Darth Vader is the best one,,, to be up in the air,,,,,,how come Penang does not have this kind of activities one,,, sigh/////////

  8. Nice experience of the fiesta. Too bad we can't make it. My colleague said the Q to ride on the hot air balloon queue up to 500m...gosh...

  9. Have to sacrifice le, for the family ^^ But its nice ma the fiesta :D

  10. Wah come to KL all the way for hot air balloon!

    Btw didn't know that Mines for Carl Jr. Must try next time. Haha give the kids some fries and the drink then they won't fight. I always ask the gal to share with the boy. And she will be happily feed the boy as she likes act like a big sister. :)

  11. suituapui ~ hahaha....this event is just over that weekends. That's y all went to the same place. No, we did not meet up with each other.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Exactly the night glow is better. Planning for the 3rd fiesta. All the balloons flew off, except for the Levi's Jeans deflated. dun know why le.

    Mommy Ling ~ LOL ! Ya lor...a bit suffer. But happy to see baby XJ enjoying herself. YX got bored after a while. Next year must go for the evening one so no need to wake up so early.

    eugene ~ can plan to have a short trip down to KL over the weekend. Wait for next year ok.

    vickylow ~ Ya! I saw the LONG Q. Aiyo...and the ride does not go far. Only up and down on the same spot.

    uLi ~ Ya lor...and sacrifies for the kids.

    cheeyee ~ Seremban to Putrajaya very near only la. Less than 1 hour reach already. No jam and with highway ok la.

    We only buy 1 set so got 1 cup. Both also want to drink at the SAME TIME. Aii....the big brother don't know how to sayang mei mei and the baby mei mei don't know how to share with koko. *FAINT* The fries are nice too...but too unhealthy for the kids. Next time cannot bring the kids to eat at such places already. haha

  12. Oh, dear, I know about this too late, otherwise I could have gone there. :-(

  13. Alice ~ Don't worry. Plan for next year. Juan Or will be all happy to see the giant balloons.

  14. you actually went to the event ? I saw Darth Vader on the papers and I thought it's the most amazing balloon, ever.. Did you see the guy who fell down ?

  15. coffeesncookies ~ What guy? Is there an accident? I don't know bout that. haha...we left right after the balloons flew off. Nothing as excited as the 1st one we went in year 2009. Next year planning for the night glow which we have not been to yet. Seems better.

  16. so nice got such type of hot air balloon show!
    the Levi's jeans balloon really funny...

  17. we went there too at night, but it was too crowded. can't see much :(

  18. Fuyoh, very nice shot lah!

    We were there in the last day of the event, but it rained like cats and dogs...
    Not managed to see all the nice hot air balloons, so sad!


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