Thursday, March 11, 2010

D.I.Y Lion Dance

Days before the CNY, there were some lion dance performance around the town. We quickly rushed home after office hour just to bring both YX and XJ to watch the lion dance show.

We were a bit early, therefore managed to see them setting up.

YX posing with the lion dance. Initially, he was afraid but after some coaxing, he went ahead but with his hand holding to hubby's hand so tightly.

Back home, he became the lion dance. Saw the cloth peg (blue and red)? He said they are the lion's ear.
This boy. He is always full of ideas !


  1. That thing on his head looks heavy..haha. He is a creative little boy ya. ^_^

    Maybe you can try You Tube to upload videos.

  2. Ha ha, creative boy!

    Luckily didn't use Mommy's sarong....LOL!

  3. Sigh** this yr i watched Lion Dance with my parents instead the gals..They both freak out seeing the lion.

  4. Mummy Gwen ~ Haha...that is an inflatable chair. Not heavy at all. Thks for the youtube idea. I will go and sign up now and try to upload the video later.

    Pete ~ After confinement, I kept away all my sarong. LOL! He actually took my towel to play around not until he saw that inflatable chair. *shake head*

    Mommy Ling ~ No worries. Wait for another 1 more year. They will be pestering you to bring them to chase the lion. Haha

  5. hhahhahahhah, your boy was holding the Batman inflatable chair!! He is so funny and creative la.

  6. Hahahahaha!!! Kids are so creative!!!

  7. They just reminded me of my own childhood lion dance, i used blanket(the body),tong sampah(the head),the wok cover(the symbal),the chopstick(the drum stick), and my voice(the sound of tung tung cheang

  8. XY is so creative to think of using the sofa and the clothes pegs :-D

  9. so funny... you should buy one lion dance set for him... so not need to carry this sofa around keekekee

  10. Hahaha....that's cute and imaginative!

  11. LOL, how creative your boy is!! Last time my girl used a mattress to resemble the Lion but ofcourse without any accessory like YX's one.

  12. Annie Q ~ We were all surprised by his act. LOL

    smallkucing ~ Hahaha....ya ya...with that batman chair.

    suituapui ~ hahaha...I can't help laughing at him too.

    eugene ~ Godness! You use tong sampah somemore! hahaha....u r even more creative!!!!

    Boey Joey ~ Initially, he use my towel and got my scolding. Then, he suddenly saw that chair. haha

    CH Voon ~ I thought wanna buy but very expensive le. About RM40 just for the head.

    Alice Phua ~ haha...he really makes me laugh so hard that day

    Alice Law ~ just love to imitate the lion dance

    the little prince ~ No worries. It is an inflatable chair and is is soooo soooo light.

  13. Buy him a small lion head for him to perform lah! hahaha! How cute!

  14. hahhhahaahaha....this is funny. btw, Ashley has the same batman chair too but she doesn't use it anymore. it's somewhere in the store room :D

  15. Rose ~ The lion head quite expensive. We are kedekut parents la. hahaha

    Mommy to chumsy ~ haha...the chair belongs to YX's cousin. He did not use it either so YX used it to dance. haha

  16. YX is afraid of lion dance? Sarah too.

    Was he heading two cushions on his head?

  17. Sarah's Daddy & Mummy ~ Initially yes..but after a while, he is ok with the lion dance. Hahaha...that is an inflatable chair. Very light one.

  18. Good that YX has overcome the fear with lion dance.
    I am still waiting for the day that Sarah can open her eyes big2 to watch the lion dance show.


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