Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby talk

I love to hear baby talk.

Me: Baby say MOON.
Baby XJ : men

Me: Call UNCLE
Baby XJ : Un ne

Baby XJ : nine nine

Me : Baby Bye Bye
Baby XJ : Baa baa (with hand waving)

This morning, I woke up YX so he can get ready to go to school. Still in his dreamland, he tossed and turned, unable to open his eye.

"Boy, Morning. Wake up already. Later late for school."
"You want MILK MILK ?"
"I make for you, ok?"

Suddenly, baby XJ who was still sleeping at that time, sprang up and said a loud Ssss ! (YES)

Ok, I woke up the wrong person ^_^


  1. Dont you agree that children always give us the greatest joy beside God i mean..... they are really so wonderful and sometimes we as an adult can really learn so much from them too, for instance, how many times can we bring others so much joy like children do to us, ? hahahah

    you have a great weekend ya

  2. uncle ....Ane? ha ha ha!
    Little toddlers are cute!

  3. When they start learning to speak is so cute and entertaining..hehe.

    The last part really cracks me up..hahaha.

  4. eugene ~ True. Children bring so much joy into my life. Even sometimes, feel like throwing them out of the window! haha... You have a great weekend too!

    Pete ~ I love to hear them talk.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I was surprised too when Baby XJ suddenly woke up and replied me instead of YX. hahaha....

  5. Hahaha! So cute! Maybe she's answering on her kor-kor's behalf :p

  6. OOoohhh, yes, I love to hear baby talk too! Or even if little toddlers create their own baby word for a certain object, that's a sheer joy to listen to! Savour these moments before they are gone forever! For that I don't agree with some parenting books that say if parents allow their toddlers to use baby language, their toddlers' language development become slow, so the books discourage baby talk. Hahaha....common-lah, babyhood and toddlerhood is only once and last for only 3 years. Very soon children will outgrow it, so better enjoy it while can.

  7. ha ha.... your gal must be real hungry.... cute!

  8. MnHL, ha ha, love women with humour.
    And yes, babies are fun....they give us a roller coaster ride too.
    Have a nice day and keep well, Lee.

  9. eh u speak english with your children wan ar?

  10. mNhL,

    Kiahahaha... your XJ is so sweet (Tummy ache)!! The last scenario is a good one...hahaha!

    Have a pleasant weekend!

  11. hahaha yalor baby and kids make our life more beatiful! agree? you must agree with me.

  12. Hi, first time here... so cute of your baby's talk.

  13. Hahaha!!! So cute!!! The best time now isn't it? They start to talk but never talk-back at you...

  14. haha, so now you find the trick to wake XJ up.. still need to work harder to find out how to wake YX up from sleep.. :p

  15. please send me your home/any other address so i can send the prize to you.

  16. wenn ~ ^_^

    Chloe ~ haha...I think she is very hungry la.

    Alice Phua ~ Yes...better enjoy them now.

    lil'bulb ~ haha...I agree with you.

    Uncle Lee ~ haha roller coaster! And volcano too! Can erupt anytime. but still enjoy having them.

    SP ~ I speak ROJAK language. haha....More on mandarin but mix with english and hokkien. Sometimes, YX will say "na bian you shadow". "Wo bu yao brush teeth".

    Alice Law ~ I find it funny too. I had a good laugh at that! haha

    CH Voon ~ YES! Agreed. Without them, there will be less happiness in my life.

    Serene ~ Thks for visiting.

    Lilhyppo's mummy ~ Yes yes...that's a good one! They never talk back and we just love to hear them talk ! haha

    [SK] ~ hahaha....waking up a baby is so easy but not the older one. Every morning also very rush. Rush to get him ready for school, and we rush to work.

    Angeline ~ intention to wake baby up...but....hahaha

    CH Voon ~ Sent. Thank you to you and Vanessa. ^_^

  17. Hahaha! So cute! Maybe she's answering on her kor-kor's behalf :p


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