Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is he sleeping ?

After reading a few sleeping upbeauty post on this mummy's blog, I never thought I will see this myself.
Right after we got back home from work yesterday, we were surprised to see YX sleeping like this !
Guess he must be very tired after school. hahaha


  1. i think it is because of the hot weather. This posing sleep will not feel so hot rather than lay one the bed.

  2. Guess he must have fallen asleep accidentally. :)

  3. LOL !!! I also think it is the hot weather! Imagine the back lying down on the sofa.....SOOOOO HOT !!!

  4. Hahaha...aiyo too tired already lah.

  5. Poor boy... School's so tough these days. Poor things never get to have when I was young!

  6. Sometimes my gal also sleep like it. I dont know why. Looks like dog sleeping. hahah! and my gal was born in year of dog :p

  7. Hahaha... looks like YX got terjangkit by this sleeping unbeauty pose too :-)

  8. School must be hectic for the boy ya... give me a hug on my behalf,will ya?

    take care now my friend

  9. Yes, i do remember one of the mummy blogs showing his toddler boy sleeping in this position. Must be very tired so much so any position also can konk out.

  10. Nice sleeping pose. My girl hor, very scare of go to sleep or nap. coz I interupt her tv time, so hardly see her sleep on sofa. I everyday will force her go bedroom sleep haha

  11. Latest Avatar sleeping style! LOL!

  12. They dun get to have fun nemore... that's why so tired and ended up sleeping liddat.

  13. Duno y kids also like to sleep in this pattern. Even Ethel too. I asked her before why she wants to sleep like dat. She told me very comfy wor...**BLUR

  14. CH Voon ~ true was that! So his back will not be sweaty. haha

    cheeyee ~ hahaha....too tired perhaps.

    Ann ~ With this kind of hot weather, either laying down on sofa or matteress also very hot.

    smallkucing ~ Maybe. MIL did asked him to sleep earlier but he refuse. Then. suddenly so quiet and MIL found out he slept already. ahhaha

    Mummy Gwen ~ Hmmm....everyone thought he is really tired huh. hehe

    suituapui ~ time also la. During kindie only la. Now kindie is like primary school level already. *shake head*

    Rose ~ hahaha....he is also born in the year of DOG. some doggie's characteristic. haha

    Chloe ~ hahaha...terjankit la. After I read too much of sleeping unbeauty, now my son also like that. hahaha

    eugene ~ Thks for the *hug*. ^_^

    Alice ~ hmm....u must be referring to Merryn's blog?

    Mummy Moon ~ hahah...confined in the bedroom no chance to watch tv. clever mummy.

    Pete ~ OMG!!! Pete! hahaha...Avatar....but I've not seen that movie yet. Heard it is good.

    cleffairy ~ at home got FUN. I guess he must be waiting for us for the FUN but konk out too soon.

    Mommy Ling ~ haha...Ethel too? And she can still explain to u!! haha....I did asked YX, but he don't know how to answer me. I guess he must also be shocked that he slept that way. LOL.

  15. Ai yo, poor boy...he slept with that position for how long?

  16. Sarah's daddy & mummy ~ ahaha...Actually I have no idea le. MIL did not say. When I saw him like that, I can't help laughing.


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