Thursday, March 11, 2010

KFC Chicky Club Member

Went to KFC to have their breakfast and just before I leave, I saw a poster advertising their chicky club member.

All new member will be given a limited edition sling bag.....

plus some discounted vouchers and a pack of koko krunch.

Other benefits you enjoyed from being a chicky club member. Paid RM9 nett and the card is valid until your child is 12 years old. No yearly renewal required. Of course I put Baby XJ's name because she is 2 years younger than YX. haha... and the card only expired in year 2020.

Free gift from Chicky Meal, but I did not buy any meal, therefore, paid for the books. RM3 each for members. If non-member, price is at RM4 (I think so). Quite an interesting book for toddler. You will have to use those 'tools' attached to find for an answer in the book.

So, I grab 4 of them and hope YX will love to read them. Something new will always attract him.

Last month, SIL told me when you buy any chicky meal, you will automatically became the chicky club member for FREE. When I went to KFC to enquire, they told me the card are finished. Never did I thought they had another promotion so soon and glad I stumbled upon it.


  1. So many goodies..signed up with MCD got nothing but a card time go KFC better..heheh

  2. Didn't know being a Chicky club member has so much benefits.

  3. Mommy ling ~ I thought now no more McD member? Saw from their website.

    Mummy Gwen ~ I think this is just during promotional period. Not sure if they do give out anything if you apply during normal period. I think they should.

  4. Good deal. My kids would ask me buy the membership for them if they see this. Can put my youngest son's name! ha ha ha!

  5. cool.. i can go enrol ethan as a member too :D

  6. Give me BRAND's anytime., thanks! Oily! LOL!!!

  7. Not bad hor, got free bag and goodies inside. Wanna go apply one for C too, tho we don't eat KFC hehe :-)

  8. The range of goodies is good, I think I roughly saw that last week and never know there was so much to offer inside. Got to check it out soon...hope the promo still here...

  9. Wah no need annual renewal? Sounds good. Next time when I visit KFC I should apply one for the kids also. :)

  10. LOL, what a good deal... no annual fee required, only pay one "Lam Sum"?!! Won't miss it for sure!

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. eh...have to paymeh? Last year sign up at KFC K.Damansara F.O.C only. Got a bunch of vouchers but no other stuffs la

  12. Pete ~ Haha...Yes. Must put your youngest son's name. Then only worth it. haha

    Merryn ~ Ya...I think paying RM9 for the sling bag is ok la. What more, with the card, you can have other discounts.

    suituapui ~ LOL....Brand's stinky, but KFC smell heavenly.

    Chloe ~ Basically, paying for the BAG. haha

    Lemonjude ~ Hmm..not sure how long the promo will be going on. Do check them out soon.

    cheeyee ~ Better go fast because do not know when the promo will be held until. And remember to put your youngest child's name. haha..

    Alice Law ~ Ya....only RM9 nett. That's y I apply. If every year need renewal fee, than not worth it lo.

    smallkucing ~ I think you are talking bout what my SIL told me (last para on the post). I went to enquire and they told me the card finish already.

  13. Ya, good deal! Worth it. Thanks for sharing this info. :-)

  14. Alice Phua ~ no prob. go and sign that up for Juan Or.

  15. How many benefits, think of want to apply can last till 12 years old, shiok, hehe

    Btw, smiled

  16. Mummy Moon ~ Remember to put your youngest child's name. haha....and thks for the smiled.


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