Friday, March 5, 2010

What an experience !

Yesterday, I was away from the office for about half a day. Running some errands for company and some personal banking issues. I think I have at least 6 stops to make and right after the 4th one, my car decided to play a heart attack game with me.

As I turn on the ignition, there is no response. I tried again, still no response. I was thinking "How? What should I do?" Nearly wanted to cry like a baby already. Then, I tried again, and again for about 5 - 6 times hoping some miracles to happen, but it did not. I quickly called hubby (who was very very busy working at that time) and the phone went 'tooot....tooot....tooot....until it dies off. SHIT ! I tried again and this time I heard some familiar voice "The number you had dialed.........bla bla bla.... ". SHIT ! What should I do now??

I redialed hubby's number while cursing for him to pick up and it still went into the message box. That happen for about 3 times and finally the 4th time, he picked up my call. Hearing him panting (I know he was busy working), so got no heart to scold him and I straight went to the point. " My car cannot start. How?" After some explanations, hubby suggested for me to call MIL for SOS.

Called MIL immediately and the same tooot....toooot....toooot....sound seems like forever. Finally she picked up my call. Phew! What a relive. Told her my story and she said she will call our usual mechanic to help me out.

Standing at the 'kaki lima' (in front of some shops) dreaming, I kept looking at that direction, (1 way street) hoping to see that mechanic. I even lifted up the car bonet so the mechanic will not missed me. Suddenly one 'leng zhai' jumped out in front of me, waving and said "Halo halo". I was feeling so........stupid! hahaha....How could I not noticed him at all where he already parked his car nicely behind mine ! Moreover, I kept on focusing on that 1 way street. *shake head*

I quickly greeted him and told him my story (again for the 3rd time in less than an hour). He took out his portable battery and jumped start my car. Yay ! I could finally drive back, I thought. I turn on the air-con once I stepped into my car and the engine immediately DIED OFF ! I know I shouldn't turn on the air con when the car was being jumped start, but ...but....too late! SHIT again!!

I quickly shouted for that 'leng zhai' (who was already inside his car preparing to drive off) and apologised for the trouble. He smiled and said "Never mind. I will start for you again". Phew! Ok Ok....luckily did not get any scolding from him. hehe...

He jumped start the car again. This time he went inside my car and being an expert, he step on the accelerator to make the 'vroom vroom vroom' sound. Pressed the auto window up and down, on the radio, turned off again and ON THE AIR-CON ! Yes...he on the air con and the engine immediately died off AGAIN ! And now, his turn to say SHIT !

He came out, I looked at him and he looked back at me. Then, he said "I will start it for you again". Ok was my replied and I just stand and see. He turned the ignition, NO RESPONSE. He tried twice and told me "My portable battery also low"!!! SHIT !

My faced turned "Ahhh...then how?" Wanna cry already.

He think and think and he came out with a brilliant answer. I will bring a new battery and change it here on the spot for you. "Ok Ok....quick quick go", I chased him. *I'm also thinking, why he did not bring a new battery at the 1st place*. Anyway, I waited again and finally, he came back with that new battery.

~ The End ~


  1. See who says leng chia no heart one? hahahahah, if my car dies off, no leng niu will come for my aid,,

    you have a great weekend now

  2. Oh, if I'm in your shoes, I'll also panic!!! Luckily your handphone still got battery to continue dialling for help, otherwise double trouble, double inconvenience. Anyway, happy for you that everything was finally resolved.

  3. At first i thought your handphone battery also kaput-ed. Well, at least learn a new thing...must make sure mechanic's telephone number set into your handset in case of emergency

  4. indeed funny, why didn't the mechanic bring new battery? or he expect you to drive the car to his workshop?

  5. If the ignition can't start usually it's the battery low. Haha...ladies always panic when the car has problem.

  6. today is not your day!

    it is really a good experience for you.

    should check the car condition for time to time.

  7. hopefully no next time.. I think battery issue is common coz we don't check our battery often.. muahaha..

  8. Sibu small town, no problem one... Call mechanic, will be there in a couple of minutes! After all, one end of town to the other - one song on the radio, not habis. And btw, always have the numbers of these people in ur hp! Mechanic, tyre people...tow service people.... You'll never know!

  9. I also encountered the similar situation before, but luckily my husband was with me and the mechanic shop is just near by.

  10. LOL !!! Yeah....why he didn't bring a new battery for you? Hai...

    But anyway....I also didn't know cannot turn on air con. Thanks for sharing!

  11. eugene ~ LOL...ya...leng zhai does have good heart sometimes. haha

    Alice ~ Actually my hp battery only got 1 bar. I was so worried my phone also die on me.

    smallkucing ~ yaya...those important number should always keep in the hp for emergency. Lesson learnt.

    SP ~ Yes, he expected me to follow him back to his workshop for a new battery replacement. But never did we expect such things to happen. haha..

    Mummy Gwen ~ agreed. especially alone somemore. If hubby or somebody around, then less worry. hehe

    CH Voon ~ I'm no expert la. Dunno how to check car also. Alway bring to the workshop for service. Leave the car there, I go shopping, then after an hour, go back to collect car only. hehe....dun understand automobile things.

    Cynthia ~ Actually the battery was changed quite some time. I overlooked. Should have knew it will die around this time. hehe....

    suituapui ~ Wow...Sibu really that small? Never been to both S;wak and Sabah before.

    Sarah's daddy & mummy ~ lucky of you. If hubby was around with me, then I will not get worry.

    Ann ~ Haha...because the battery was already low, turning on the air con will use a lot of energy. But the weather was terribly hot, so I was so used to it already. haha....

  12. Gosh..if my car dies off i also will cry like a baby..hahha.

    Luckily the leng chai is very helpful,ya..

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