Friday, April 23, 2010

Motherhood = Roller Coaster Ride

Mother's Day is next month and Agnes @ LilHyppo's Hypopotamum, organized a contest in conjunction with this special day. So, I'm trying my luck and join in the fun. The topic of the contest is ' What motherhood means to me? ' Motherhood journey is just like a roller coaster ride. Why did I said that? Well, lets see ..................

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1) Exciting

Motherhood : Seeing their 1st step to 1st time going to school. Life is so thrilling.

2) Scream and yell on top of your lung

Motherhood : when the kids show their stubbornness and mischievousness

3) You paid the price, you have to be responsible

Motherhood : I brought them into this world and it is my responsibility to nurture them till adulthood

4) Can't stop half way and have to ride till the end

Motherhood : I can't simply give up half way and tell my kids "I don't want to be your mother anymore". It is my lifetime journey. A journey I shall walk till my last breath.

5) Satisfied

Motherhood : when I see them growing up healthily day by day

6) Challenging

Motherhood : When people around you start to compare and comment or when kids are sick one after another.

7) Heart-attack feeling

Motherhood : When I saw them falling down from the staircase or when I received a phone call from the school teacher......

8) Ups and Downs

Motherhood : Ups when the kids made me LAUGH ; and Downs, when I feel so stress-out !

9) Enjoyable

Motherhood : when they sing to me in their sweetest voice and said "Mama, I love you too !"

Motherhood journey is never easy, but fulfilling because it made me a complete person ! So, do you think Motherhood journey is just like riding on a roller coaster ? I do.

p/s : Thanks Agnes. I find this topic is so meaningful !


  1. You definitely stand a chance a win with such a good entry.

  2. Totally agree with u. And that's a vy creative entry. Good luck in the contest!

  3. :) Wow...make me re-think my decision not to have kids. LOL

  4. Kids is the sweetest burden^^

  5. a very nice write-up about your life as a mother.. i guess mothers are all the same, with only one principle - to love her children.. :)

  6. Very true indeed...and at the end of it all, you look back and think - how much fun and excitement it all has been...and you would want to go on another ride again! Some people never learn hor? LOL!!!

  7. Ohhh... that's a good one! All the best to you! Have a happy weekend!^-^

  8. Yes, well written.. true facts of motherhood.. :)

  9. yes, totally agree.......

  10. Sheoh Yan ~ Thks for the compliment. Win or don't, I'm still happy to post up this because the title is really so meaningful. ^_^

    slavemom ~ Thks.....motherhood journey is not easy huh.

    wenn ~ Thks ^_^ Being a mother, now I fully understand how much my mother had sacrifies for us!

    smallkucing ~ Agree hor. Mother are just so great!

    Jiawen ~ OH NO !!! Don't ever think of not having kids after marriage. A happy family will not be completed with the kids! Trust me...they bring us pride and joy.

    Kelvin ~ Just like my late aunt used to say that kids are our school bag. So important and need to bring them everywhere we go. haha

    Mummy Moon ~ Thks....Mother is so great, ya.

    Irene ~ exciting as riding a roller coaster!

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks....Mother are just so great.

    [SK] ~ Yes, indeed to love unconditionally and to sacrifies whatever time we have for them. All the sacrifices are worth it.

    suituapui ~ No! hahaha...I only ride once and I freaked out. I nearly lost my heart because I felt it just drop out. haha

    Alice Law ~ Thks.....This topic is just too meaningful.

    reanaclaire ~ Thks.....Motherhood journey are so interesting, ya.

    Mummy-J ~ And hope you are enjoying ever single bit of this journey. 2nd one soon??

  11. creative entry; good luck :-).

  12. Love roller coaster ride. Wow great analogy using it as motherhood journey with all the ups and downs and cant stop halfway etc. Good luck. tQ.

  13. mNhL, what you said are so true, good luck! I only took roller coaster once, and NO way for second ride.

  14. Beautiful. MNHL, well say. It is like a roller coaster.

    Good luck in the entry.

  15. wah so cool post! i guess you will win the prize.

    Very good posts. sayang i cannot join -

  16. Boey Joey ~ Thks. Good luck to you too on your entry.

    P & P mum ~ Agreed, ya. Tiring but satisfied.

    Bananaz ~ Thks......Errr...I don't like roller coaster le. Nearly die of heart attack when I rode on 1 many many years ago. hahaha.....

    S.wei ~ Thks. Same over here! I took once with the 360 degree turn and I swear I will never ever take this kind of ride again. I don't think my heart can take it! hahaha

    Rose ~ Thks. Being a mother is so easy but the journey is not! haha

    CH Voon ~ Thks. I also hope I will win so I will have something to blog about. hahaha..... Eh, you can join le! Write on behalf of your wife la!!!!! Go, go , go and join!

  17. Well said! And yes, it's a no turning back journey. Let's us ride together! :D

  18. dont want... hehehe if i join, you cannot win the prize hahaha

    p/s: just kidding... dont think i am so sombong. wakakaka. I am not idea to write cause i am not mother.

  19. cheeyee ~ hahaha...yes...let's ride together! and scream and yell together! haha

    CH Voon ~ Aiseh! ya la...u are right! hahaha... my potential competitor! hahaha.....Maybe you can do a contest for father's day..... I will join.

  20. Good write up there...very true, mother needs to endure in all sort of excitement in motherhood.. The role of mother make us woman so extraordinary...

  21. Lemonjude ~ yes! we women are so extraordinary :)

  22. such a heart-warming post!

  23. Good luck for the contest! Yup, can't help agreeing with you about the points you made about motherhood!:-D

  24. SP ~ Thks...:)

    Alice Phua ~ ya..the journey is tough but exciting !


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