Tuesday, April 13, 2010

RM2 @ Sushi King Card Bonanza

SIL was already waiting at the Sushi King outlet queueing up @ 5.30 pm while we were still in the workshop working :(

Feeling frustrated for waiting alone, she smsed us again. Too bad, we were really held up with work yesterday. Poor lady, standing there for nearly 1.5 hours waiting for us.

And she finally became a stone statue. hahaha......

Because of this RM2/ plate, we make our way there after work. Hubby nearly drove F1 style but the road was full of vehicles. Nevertheless, we arrived at around 7pm.

The not-so long queue. SIL already gave her seats to more than 10 families from the time she waited there till we arrived.

The restaurants were packed with cutomers and all are given a limit of an hour to eat. Sorry, no food pictures because we were VERY VERY x 10 HUNGRY and with that time limit given, we got to eat very fast. We took so many plates especially the Chuka Iidako (seasoned baby octopus) because that was our favourites. Little did we know that NOT ALL are charged at RM2 per plate. 4 catergories are charged at NORMAL price and chuka iidako is one of them.
LOL! We ended up paying more than what we thought. There is no FREE lunch in this world.

* Click on the picture for larger view * Those 4 plates are chargeable at normal price. We paid a total of RM110 for 5 pax. Not too bad actually because we really ate a lot. We left with great sastifaction.
Next, we went to another restaurant to have a smaller meal. Don't be surprised. This family of my hubby are great eater. Will do that in my next post. It is with food pictures. Drool.....


  1. Wah, drive like F1 to eat at sushi king, eat also like F1....no time to take photos...he he he!

  2. Wow..so many ppl! Hahha..your SIL become stone already..kesian.

    Wah..you guys really can eat! Next time must read carefully..yup no free lunch. :P

  3. The Q there is considered long to me hehe. If I'm hungry like you, I definitely won't join the Q... luckily your SIL was there already. Wah, your family really can eat... after sushi got Part 2 some more haha!

  4. Pete ~ haha..I actually exaggerate a bit la. Not F1 la. Safety more important. Just felt paisey for SIL to wait for soooooo long.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Ya la...we all took for granted. Luckily we are not so tamak and only took the expensive plates. hahaha...

    Chloe ~ Haha....if SIL is not at the front of the queue, we sure eat something else. Because we were all starving.

  5. aiyo.. so long queue and your SIL really good la.. if me, I cabut long time ago liao.. :p btw, I don't fancy Sushi King la, jelak liao coz last time my brother used to work there.. :P

  6. it's always nice to eat at the price of so cheap...but i dont dare to go edy when i see the queue is so long. what's more the stomach is yelling edy..hhehe

  7. Any place where I have to queue...forget it, never mind how cheap or how nice. Can do without it!

  8. lol.. from there to another restaurant? crazeeee.. lol.. i eat octopus is enuf for dinner :D

  9. kesian ur SIL... queued for so long to wait for you all. hahaha

  10. Wow, really de can eat lah! Finish Sushi King still going for another meal... can't wait to see what you guys has eaten. Haha.

  11. Have not dined in Sushi King for ages.

  12. Hehe... pity your SIL! Looking forward for your next meal (tummy rumbling), have a nice day ahead!

  13. Aaawww....that's the 'power' of small prints. *giggle*
    I really pity your SIL leh...I know you guys didn't do it on purpose, just that her frustrations... I can completely understand. *hugs*

  14. by the way, how many plates you all actually eaten? if lets say i use 110/rm2 = 55 plates/5pp = 11plates per person, which means one person eat about 22 sushis, eh not full meh? wah, tummy still have space for more food, after telan so much rice...?? pei fu pei fu!

  15. Cynthia ~ hahaha....because SIL also want to eat ma. So win-win situation. can understand about your jelakness. haha...

    smallkucing ~ Not sure if they really keep track because so many customers.

    Mommy Ling ~ Luckily got SIL queue up early. Otherwise, I don't think we will queue up and eat le. Ya la....somemore stomach yelling!!! haha

    Kelvin ~ Poor her hor?

    suituapui ~ haha...afraid of crowd? Typical men. haha

    Merryn ~ Wah..u are a very small eater.

    SP ~ It's a win-win situation. haha....she was also craving for sushi ma. That's y she is willing to queue up but unfortunelty, we were all held up at work.

    Serene ~ hahaha....we share share so...ok la

    Mei Teng ~ Nowadays got so many other outlets, especially in KL.

    Alice Law ~ Haha...stoned already waiting for us.

    Angeline ~ Ya ya...that 'power'. Sigh! Yea...we understand her frustration too. Frustration of waiting alone. So I indirectly kill her time by sms with her. haha

    Mummy-J ~ We actually did not notice the small prints - "normal price" on certain sushi. The octopus enough to take up abour RM30, I suppose. We did not really count how much we ate but my stomach can tell that I'm really full. But hubby and MIL said they did not eat much. hahah...I was too carried away eating the sushis so did not really notice them. maybe they are choosy....not all type of sushis they eat.

  16. Ya, it's true, whenever there's a good deal (or a deal too good to be true), must always check to see whether there's any fine print or not.

  17. Alice Phua ~ We took things for granted already. haha....but very satisfy eating though.


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