Friday, April 9, 2010

Thank you CH Voon !

Last month, I participated a contest organised by this humourous daddy. Never did I expected that I was picked as one of the lucky winner by his darling princess, Vanessa. Thank you to both daddy and daughter. I appreciate the gifts very much.

Yesterday when I came back home, I was smilling ear to ear when I saw this........

The gifts from 3 different countries (don't play play) arrived safely.

Elephant keychain (Thailand), Fridge magnets from Istanbul (top) & Ukraine (bottom).
Voon, agreed with you that the Ukraine gift had the poorest quality. When I removed it from the envelope, the magnet drop out. But no worries. I can simply stick them back with double sided tape. Nevertheless, those gifts are very beautiful and I really appreciate them. Thank you again.
Next time, do more contest and count me in, ya !


  1. Eh, i thought its something big with the big envelope?

  2. Congrats!! Nice souvenirs there..

  3. wow, nice gift!! i think you deserve that, because i can't even get the correct answers for his quiz.. :p

  4. See, you bloggers friends are a generous lot,aren't we? oops didn't know Voon would give magnet for a prize, otherwise i would have joined the contest,cos i am a fridge magnet collector,, solely from country to country one


    hey you have a great weekend ya

  5. very nice gift... and thoughtful of Voon ya.. :D

  6. People get gifts...get prizes... Me? SIGH!!!

  7. wow..happy**happy** COngrats!!!

  8. Next time got contest please tell me har? hehehe! Congrats anyway.

  9. Wah, Congrats! Poor quality but mahal ooh, those fridge magnets hehe.
    Eh, I noticed your postcode... my parents' house should be nearby cos same postcode :-)

  10. Mummy Gwen ~ Thks...and yes...nice stuffs. Can last forever.

    Kelvin ~ hahaha.....don't judge the envelope. The things inside are more valuable. The envelope, I threw away already lo. haha

    Serene ~ Thks...and yes...nice souvenirs. All the way from 3 different countries. haha

    [SK] ~ time must try to take part. Maybe you can tikam-tikam correctly. But today your quiz made me fail miserably. sob sob...

    eugene ~ Oh, so you are a magnet lover. But very sorry that I can't give you any one of them. Gifts from friend must be treasured. Maybe next time I organized a contest and I can give out fridge magnet as well. Err...if ever I organized one and you are selected as a winner. hehe

    smallkucing ~ Yes...nice and can last forever.

    Cynthia ~ Something simple but I greatly appreciate them.

    suituapui ~ hahaha....LOL ! You GIVE out prizes la. Next time organised something in your blog and I will participate. Select me as a winner,can ?

    Mommy Ling ~ Thks....I'm indeed very happy.

  11. Rose ~ hahaha....ok time share good news with u.

    Chloe ~ yA...I think I read that in Voon's blog too about that last minute purchase in Ukraine. Btw, I thought S'ban postcode are all the same since S'ban small town ma???

  12. Aiyoyo... so nice of CH Voon, would it be my turn next time?! ;p

    Btw, congratulation and have a pleasant weekend to you!

  13. Congrats to you! Now it'll be like you have traveled to 3 countries! :))

  14. I love Istanbul. A great place. Visited the city in 2007.

  15. Alice Law ~ Yes, yes, yes,.....hope next time is your turn.

    iamthewitch ~ OH......indirectly huh! haha...

    Bananaz (symbol?) ~ are also one of the winner ya? Voon very generous. Gave out 3 instead of only 1. haha...and from 3 different countries somemore.

    Mei Teng ~ Wow..that was 3 years ago. Never been there ;( but would love to go.

  16. Mery ~ Thks...They are really nice gifts.

  17. Wah… Put my name so big ar… paiseh la..

    Yupe! the Ukraine one’s quality is not good but it is the most expensive one!
    Around RM15+/-.

  18. Thank you for join the contest…

  19. CH Voon ~ No need paiseh la. haha... Wow!! that magnet so expensive arr. but tell you, the colour and picture are quite attractive. Make a nice deco on the fridge.


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