Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vain pot

Monkey see, monkey do....this is what applies to Baby XJ. When she saw us comb hair !

see what, see! never see people comb hair before arr???

Hello! Hello!
Not free now ar! Comb hair la...my hair very messy. Talk later la!

Aaaa......after comb hair, must put on this pair of new shoes. Wonder why mama did not keep them properly.


  1. Hehe...so cute. Gwen also likes to comb her own hair. Later you will find XJ playing with your lipstick..haha.

  2. Cute, they will immitate whatever we do! LOL!

  3. sit on the dressing table and comb hair? hahahha...very "oi leng" ya.

  4. Haha so cute! Did she ask u to put hair clip for her too? :)

  5. kids always love to mimic us...when i apply my toner n moisturizer, they also want to get apply..

  6. At least XJ's hair is long enough for her to comb. My little 'hairless' gal also wants to comb her hair...I pengsan!

  7. Mummy Gwen ~ U will be surprised if I said I don't have any lipstick. I don't put on makeup.

    p & p mum ~ ^_^ she always act cute.

    Pete ~ monkey see, monkey do.

    Annie Q ~ haha...she want to be close to the mirror......*shake head*. Not ladylike at all.

    cheeyee ~ I actually buy a few hair clips but did not put on for her le. except for her b'day and also left that hairclip in the restaurant. haha

    Mommy Ling ~ hahaha....she always stand there and see me applying maisturizer and cream too! haha...soon....she will be playing with those!

  8. lil'bulb ~ Oh no...your little angel got hair to comb la...don't say that. haha....Being girls. They just want to be pretty.

  9. LOL!! So cute!! I think all kids 'monkey see, monkey do' la :D

  10. Baby XJ is so cute in her first pic.

  11. Like mother, like daughter... LOL!!!

  12. cute girl. Girls always girls, love to be beautiful. :p

    Btw, to answer your question on what i am doing, I am actually into MLM. Cosway concept store. You heard of it? Now mushrooming in Malaysia. hahaha! I will update you and friends on my business. So for now, everything goes according to plan. :p

  13. sooner or later, will apply makeup like mummy! :p

  14. girl will be girl mah... they're naturally vain. hahaha.

  15. Hahaha! Your captions are all so funny. Combing hair is still ok la... everybody has to comb their hair regardless of vain or not vain, right?

  16. LOL...memang cute when they does this

  17. Lilhypo's mum ~ They are always curious.

    Sheoh Yan ~ Thks.... ^_^

    suituapui ~ Ya..ya...she learn that from me !

    Mei Teng ~ Ya...a sign of growing up ^_^

    Rose ~ haha...how true was that! Btw, hope your business are doing well. Shall wait for your updates.

    reanaclaire ~ I don't have any makeup set. Do you believe me? haha...

    Serene ~ hahah....naturally vain. a good one.

    Chloe ~ True....but we laugh when she stand in front of the mirror and climb up on the dressing table somemore.

    smallkucing ~ Kids....anything they do are just so cute!

  18. LOL.....cute little girl! Wiil you be surprised if I tell you that Juan Or will snatch the comb from me to comb his or my hair if he sees me combing my own hair!? :-D

  19. Alice Phua ~ hahaha...he wants to be leng leng as well!

  20. i wonder how your mummy sit one the table hehehe
    your mummy always sit on the table and you notice it?

    please - baby XJ (dont let your mummy know oke): next time when u see ur mummy sit one the table please take a photos and blog here. (a secret between u and me)

    XJ is a business girl - a lot of customer call her heheh

  21. CH Voon ~ Mummy is tall enough to stand in front of the mirror la. haha....

    Eh, my baby very kepoh one. When she saw the phone, she will put on her ear and babytaking. So funny!


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