Monday, May 24, 2010

10 food that I dislike

Note : Googled all the below pictures.


Pineapple. Maybe I don't have the fate to eat them because everytime I ate, they will 'bite' me, leaving an itchy tounge and throat. Am I allergy to it?


Coconut Juice.

Out of 10, 9 will like to drink this refreshing juice but I just dislike the taste.

No. 8

Cilli stuffed yong tau fu.

I love to eat cilli, but never like the taste of these stuffed cilli.

I find them to have very strong fresh cilli smell.

No. 7

Stir fried pumpkin.

I will normally cook pumpkin porridge for my kids but I never like the taste myself.

No. 6

Rice wine chicken

An important dish during confinement period.

But I don't like the wine taste. I had this very minimum during my confinement period.

Wonder will my health be effected when I grow old?

No. 5

Stir fried Pork Liver

Gosh! I had 1st tasted this dish when I was still in my secondary school after hearing mum singing praises on them, saying how nice and tasty. That 1st bite nearly make me vomit out all my rice I had earlier. LOL. However, I like the smell though. Very fragance when combine with ginger and sesame oil.

No. 4

Vinegar Pig Trotter

Another MUST have during confinement period and I actually skip this !

MIL knew I don't like the taste, thus, she did not prepare this dish for me.

The smells are enough to send me to grab some fresh air. Really wonder if my health during old age will have any effect for not taking the MUST have dish for all confinement mummy?

No. 3

Capisum / Bell Pepper

To me, the taste is just like the stuffed cilli yong tau fu.

Very 'fresh' smell which I don't know how to appreciate. Normally, if they are added into the sweet and sour pork, I will select them out one by one.


Bitter Guord
They are healthy, but I just can't accept the bitter taste. People who loves to eat bitter guord will always tell me "It's not bitter at all", but after 1st bite I just can't agree with them. Something which hubby will never touch too!

And the champion goes to.........



When MIL cooked this dish, she encourage me to take a bite, for she said "Never try, never know". I've also seen both my parents and hubby love this dish so much. So, taking her advise, I tried and that will be my 1st and last time! The smell! The taste! They are just so horrible. For those who don't eat durian but accidentally ate it will understand how it taste when they are in your mouth.

Do you have any food that you dislike and will never ever touch?


  1. Oooo...I love them all except No. 3. Can't stand the "green" smell of green peppers!!!

  2. weiiii... all ur dislike food also i like one leh.. except "Stir fried Pork Liver"
    dun like any internal organ.. yucks...

    top 1 dislike food is garlic, hate garlic.. but i like garlic bread wor.. ahaha.. just dun like the raw garlic..


    top 3 petai.. hmm. not really dislike, I still eat but not too much.. and that's all..
    ahahaha.. i am very easy to feed one, everything also eat one, celery also i eat, but not too much...

    hmmm.. then i think just garlic, i dun eat garlic at all..

  3. I like all your 10 dislike food. Before I read your title, I thought you want to share with us your most favourite food. My most favourite food is petai, and then followed by stir fried pumpkin. The rest of your dislike food also I can accept. I'm quite cincai in eating, that's why my diet plan always fails.

  4. hmmm... actually i love all those food leh, except number 5, the pork liver.

  5. Pork liver I hate the most!!! But petai cook with sambal is yummy wor...

  6. omg.... never know u dislike so much food, and except the liver, all i oso love to eat! eh btw, during ur confinement wat you eat ler???

  7. Your dislikes are all my likes,,,, love all those you mentioned so much,,,, sorry soory

  8. Can't think of any right now! Imagine how much I love food!

  9. Eh, you are quite a picky eater hor? I LOVE all the food that you dislike except 6, 5, and 4... I'm a semi-vegetarian and don't eat chicken and pork. If I do, I'd love them too.

    I guess the food that I won't touch at all is probably goat milk/cheese and coriander leaves/cilantro. Cannot stand the yucky smell.

  10. Hehe I don't take chili stuffed yong tau fu too... basically I don't eat much spicy food. Petai I will avoid eating outside (don't want people smell the petai from my mouth. LOL!) other than that the rest are my favorite. ^_^

  11. Hmmm..a few only i dislike but other than that also i like..hahahah

  12. suituapui ~ u FC again!! but no prize. haha
    Yea...the 'green' smell just taste so yucky.

    Donna ~ Pork liver just so hard to accept. haha
    Oohhh...garlic. I loves them. especially fresh garlic to go with bak kut teh. Celery also I like. Raw or cook also I eat. haha...but petai, really cannot la. The smell, the taste. So horrible. haha

    Sheoh Yan ~ WOW....u really cincai. Easy to bring u out for makan. haha.....

    Serene ~ haha...seems like many dislike pork liver. But many love petai and bitter gourd. I just can't accept them even I've tried.

    Mummy Moon ~ haha...another pork liver enemy. Actually many love petai with sambal. But the smell and taste, I just can't accept.

    Mummy-J ~ hahaha....I'm a pricky eater! During confinement, MIL fried vege, meat with ginger without the wine. Only chicken wine, i eat very minimum. Fish fried with ginger and sesame oil. Sometimes, she cook mee sua / mee hoon soup for me with lots and lots of ginger. In short, every dish also have lots of ginger (lucky I eat ginger) haha...

  13. Eugene ~ hahaha....looks like you are not the 1st to say :"your dislike is my fav". Hmm.... are they really that delicious?

    BoeyJoey ~ Wow...another food lover. haha....and healthy eater too!

    Chloe ~ Oh dear! Now I know I'm a pricky eater. wonder my son is following my footstep. *slap forehead* Oh! u don;t eat meat (except fish)? A very healty eater! haha...

    cheeyee ~ wow...another fans of the food that i dislike. haha...looks like on this earth, only me don't like those food??? Oh really a pricky eater. haha

    Mommy Ling ~ Ok, i must admit I'm a pricky eater ;(

  14. I cannot take pork liver too. Yup, can make u vomit one. *eeeee* U'know, I used to dislike petai. But dunno y now I love them, esp Madam Kwan's sambal petai udang. *slurp slurp*

  15. am okay with all the rest expect pineapple...the smell makes my nose sweat.

  16. Your first and the last pix I lup very much they are my favorite except #9,8,7,6, & 5. The rest OK boleh tahan haha. tQ

  17. Aiyo, u don't like so many nice food! Petai is very nice leh!

  18. All the food you dislike I like wor. Maybe not so much of the pork liver but still can swallow. I eat almost anything..haha.

  19. All of the above are edible for me.... :) the least favourite goes to bitter gourd, but my 4yo daughter love it though.

  20. hahaha....some of the things you dislike but I like. Pineapple I dislike too, coconut juice I like, chilli-stuffed young tau foo and bell peppers I suka, I hate eating pumpkin too, rice wine chicken I'm neutral to it, pork liver and trotter I hate and won't touch at all, and bitter gourd and petai I loooove them so much! :-D

  21. wei i sukak petai oh, especially those yang my mum cooked, sambal udang petai. hmmm... i dislike celery. beh chiak wan. bitter guord also i kenot, but i can force myself to eat it. healthy food mah

  22. slavemom ~ yea...pork liver taste so awful (sorry to pork liver fans). Petai I really cannot accept la. haha

    smallkucing ~ haha..nose sweat? The smell are ok but not the texture. Too rough for my mouth. LOL

    Bananaz ~ Ohh..seldom hear guys love pineapple le. And looks like many people here loves petai.

    Pete ~ haha...i missed all the nice food in this world ;( sob sob.....haha...maybe i should make a post of 10 fav food and see what are the comments i will get. will think of that. haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ wow...u r not picky with food but still so slim.

    Linda ~ good that your daughter love bitter gourd. Healthy vege but I really can't accept it.

    Alice Phua ~ Ohh..u don't eat vineger pork too? The smell of vinegar puts me off.

    Irene ~ many people loveeeessss petail so much. How come I don't know how to eat le?

  23. i dont like the petai and chicken liver as well.

    petai - mmm tasteless and the smell is disgusting meh.

    chicken liver - acid amino is very high, i scare mati cepat so seldom eat.

  24. LOL!!!! I love almost everything u listed up there, except for the capcium. For pumpkin, perhaps u can try stir fry with some sauteed dry prawn?

  25. Very interesting post, love reading it and looking at the photos...Yum yum! I love all the foods there.

    I just fall in love with pork liver after I married with my husband. The main reason is, he always tabao the "zhu yuk fen" for me and it has very tender pork liver. Love it!

    I thought normally ladies love sour food, like Vinegar Pig Trotter:-)

    I have heard the saying of, do not drink water after eating pineapple. It will makes our tongue has more the itchy feeling.
    But I think the slight itchiness in the tongue is normal. I have it too:-)

  26. LOL!!!! I love almost everything u listed up there, except for the capcium. For pumpkin, perhaps u can try stir fry with some sauteed dry prawn?

  27. Your dislikes are all my likes,,,, love all those you mentioned so much,,,, sorry soory

  28. hmmm... actually i love all those food leh, except number 5, the pork liver.


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