Tuesday, May 18, 2010


After that last visit to the doctor, glad that baby XJ is fully recovered. The antibiotic prescribed are sure strong to 'kill' all the phlegm in her lung.

However, YX who had improved after taking the medications is now back to coughing :(

Night - Developed mild fever. Fed him panadol before he slept.

Morning - Fever gone. He attended school as usual.
Afternoon - Fever came back and MIL fed him another dose of panadol
Night - Fever has not subside. Fed him another dose of panadol after taking his milk. While in the room, he vomited out all his milk.
Mid-night - Fever getting higher. Fed him another dose of panadol and he requested for milk.

Morning - Fever gone. *phew* But he has stuffy nose.

Mid-night - Cough

Today (Tuesday)
Morning - Woke up and cough again.

If I were to bring him to the clinic, doctor will be going to prescribe him with more medications, perhaps stronger medications. This morning when I was down town running some errands, I just act according to 'Mother Instinct'. I thought, why not let him try some Chinese medications instead. So, I walked into one of the Chinese Medical Hall.

I told the aunty of YX's condition and she assured me that the Chinese senseh will be able to help. She said the senseh just walked to the back of the shop and asked me to wait for a while. When the senseh came, I was surprised to meet a Handsome and Young senseh ! I think he is in his 30s. Told him YX's condition once again but he prefer if I could bring YX for him to check. Since it was not possible at that very moment, he prescribed some Chinese herbs for YX to try for 2 days and see if they works. According to the senseh, YX's lung 'caught a cold'.

click on the picture to enlarge it
Anyone who read Chinese, can you please translate for me please.
I showed hubby this but he only managed to read 1 ingredient (Orange peel). Other than that, hubby was unable to read his handwriting. LOL !

Eat twice a day. 1 packet of powder, to be add with warm water and feed. I do not know if it will be bitter or not, but hopefully YX will cooperate to finish them up. Total RM30 for 5 packets.

Then, he suggested some herbal tea to strengthen YX's lung. The whole family can also drink. He told me the name, '.......... something.......star'. It went into my right ear, then fall out from my left ear. haha...I don't even remember the name once I got into my car. Nevertheless, he said they are just normal herbal tea. Easy to boil and nice to drink.

Don't know what are the ingredient but he suggested
to add some honey prune (mak cho) to boil together. RM10.
Tonight, YX gonna be my guinea pig. Hope this Chinese herbs will help him.


  1. The herbal tea is 'chat sing cha' aka seven star tea right? and the powder ones, I think have 'pei pa leaf' and 'chuan pui' which is good for cough..

  2. I was like you, if my children kept getting sick, I will also look up for some chinese medicine. Some may work wonder. Good luck ya!

  3. Sorry... me absolute banana... LOL... dono how to read those words. But I can recognize the orange from the load of herbs from there. LOL.

  4. Glad that Baby XJ has recovered.

    I too, will sometimes resort to Chinese medicine when the phelgm and cough gets stubborn. Hope that YX will recover soon.

  5. hi, remember i told u before on some other supplement for your kids, colustrum or spirulina (from my company) which are very good? U wan to let them eat to build up immune system? Let me know, if u wan, i can buy for u , of cos ada staff price....

  6. Cynthia ~ I can't recall the herbal tea name anymore. haha... OOooo...thanks for the translation. I've not heard of them but hopefully they works on YX.

    Sheon Yan ~ Thks.....yea..sometimes chinese med may work wonder.

    cleffairy ~ Oh no...that's not orange. At first I thought so and ask the senseh but was told it was not. He mentioned the name, but I forgot again. haha

    BoeyJoey ~ Yea..hope YX gets well soon with this chinese med.

    Mummy-J ~ Oh..thks for that. Not at this moment.

  7. Trying chinese herb a good way :) Do not make his body get too dependent on western medicine. When he is bigger, u can try making him exercise to sweat when he got fever, and eating more apples(vitamins refill) when he got flu. His immune system will boost greatly:)

  8. Hope YX recover soon. The herbs prescribe by the sinseh is quite common, can drink as leong cha also!

  9. I like these Chinese prescriptions. Find that they work better. Western medicine - if for cough, they will make you cough yourself inside out.

  10. Wish YX speedy recovery. You were saying ..got star..something, you mean "twinkle twinkle little star" izzit? haha. Take care. tQ.

  11. I think you should build up his immune system. Encourage him to eat more fruits and veggies on normal days. I guess C is seldom sick cos I make her eat A LOT of fruits and veggies. Remember that day when she ponteng school? Her running nose only lasted 2 days and she got well without any medications.

    Hope those herbs will work on YX and he'll get well soon. Take care!

  12. Hope YX get well soon. It's always tiring for mom when the kids are sick. U take care too.

    Btw, when my kids cough, I always give them "pi pa gao" the chinese cough syrup instead of the western cough syrup. And give them more vitamin C supplements. I seldom take them to doctor unless the fever does not go away, or vomit.

  13. sigh.. and ethan is also down with fever now.. i know nothing bout chinese herbs but if his fever doesn't subside.. i might try this...

  14. no harm trying, when Fearles cough often, western medicine cannot cure him, i try chinese medicine. Then i make it a point, i will boil some herb soup to nourish his lung.

  15. hope YX get well soon and hope the chinese medicine work for YX.

  16. Hopefully ur boy wil recover soon.

  17. Ooo this..I have boiled before. Smell very horrible but very effective punya. Am sure YX will recover soon

  18. Hope see your boy recover by tommorrow.

  19. My boy also coughing for two months....night coughing!! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Hope YX will recover soon and the 'experiment' is successful. :P

  21. Hopefully the alternative work wonders...

  22. My translation after referring to:


    1)ginger half slice 2)Chan Pei(citrus peel) 3)Chuen Pui/Chuan Bei(Hook) 4)Ba Yip 5)Shang Cai(Moench)

    Hope YX will recover in no time! Have a pleasant day ahead!

  23. Uh...i hope everything is 100% better now.

  24. I have also resorted to Chinese herbs now to help my kids when they fall ill.

    I only know the herbal tea that you have the small nuts stuff is good for phlegm and cough....other than that I am totally ignorant.

    But more or less recognize the ingredients not the name.

  25. Hope YX gets well soon after taking the chinese meds.

  26. Kelvin ~ I'm now scare of feeding him western med. That's y I did not want to bring him to the normal clinic anymore, knowing the doc will sure prescribed something stronger for him. Hope this chinese med. helps.

    Pete ~ This is what the senseh told me too. The amount of herbs he packed was for the whole family, but he advised for YX to drink 1 bowl which will be more than enough.

    suituapui ~ haha...the more u take, the worst you get? According to the senseh, western med are all sweet which is bad for the cough with phlegm.

    Bananaz ~ LOL! Nursery rhyme for YX! haha thks. Hope after taking the chinese med. he will recover soon.

    Chloe ~ YX is a pricky eater. Till now, he don't like vege at all! If he did not noticed, I might be able to hide some carrot in his rice. But if he suspect something, he will spit out the whole mouthful of rice. ;( He love fruits though. But since he is coughing, we dare not feed him too much because some believe fruits are cooling. Well done Chloe ! She recoverd faster than me! I need at least 1 week to recover if i'm down with flu. hehe

  27. cheeyee ~ I have that pi pa gao too! But they work real slow and not that effective. But very nice taste. hehe... Just like you, I only bring them to see doc if fever for too many days / high fever. That's y, I've delayed YX and baby XJ's cough for too long. Now worried already. ;(

    Merryn ~ Oh dear! Hope Ethan recovers soon. I have NO IDEA on chinese herbs too. The senseh will knows what to prescribe according to the condition. Maybe u can try?

    Annie Q ~ What type of herbal soup? Mind to share? MIL normally boil 'leung cha' for the whole family especially kekwa. She said very good to wash out the poison in our body.

    Mery ~ Thks...I hope for the same. Btw, u can try chinese herbs on your boy?

    smallkucing ~ Wow....horrible! Hear also don't feel like drinking already. haha...hope YX will drink it, otherwise, how to cure le?

  28. CH Voon ~ if the senseh prescribed 'xian dan' then maybe he will recover la. haha... I also hope he don't need to eat anymore med for at least 1 year after this. haaii...sick to feed him med.

    the little prince ~ Maybe u can bring him to see a chinese senseh. From what I learn, they said if cough during night = a lot of phlegm and the lung are cold.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks...I do hope so. ;)

    Linda ~ yea....hopefully. I see him taking med. i also feel so sorry for him.

    Alice Law ~ Thks for the link! and the translations. I do hope the herbs/med can cure YX soon.

    Willie ~ Thks....hope he will be fine soon.

    Ann ~ Sometimes, chinese med works better ya. I really have no idea on what are the ingredient of the herbs. haha....Really? good for cough? The senseh said it is good to boil this once a while to nourish our lung.

    Lilhyppo's mummy ~ Thks...hope so. ;)

  29. I could only read one, chun pui in cantonese. Sometime we got to try Chinese Medication when western medication failed to perform. Hope YX will get well soon.

  30. lil'bulb ~ Thks. Yea...for a change ya. Sometimes, too much of western medicine also make their body weak.

  31. oh i think it consist of "chuin pui". good for strengthening the lungs. i've boiled some of the orange and white seeds with luo hon guo before. the vendor who sells it say they are good for repelling phlegm and strengthening the lungs :D

  32. mommy to chumsy ~ Thks. In actual fact, I've not heard of chun pui before. totally ignorant with chinese herbs. Hope he will recover soon ;(

  33. How's YX now? Hope he's fully recovered edi. Yup, if Western med doesn't work, it's always good to try other alternatives. Esp Chn med, as they're usually not "harmful" to the body.

  34. Hopefully YX has already healed by now.

  35. slavemom ~ :( YX is still coughing. I'm lost and sad

    Alice Phua ~ No ;( he is still coughing. I'm still thinking if I should bring him back to the chinese medical hall for the sinseh to check.


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