Monday, May 17, 2010


What do I normally have for my breakfast?

Googled for this image.
Half-boiled egg.

Recycled picture. Read here.
Gardenia butterscotch bread.

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Curry puffs

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Nasi Lemak

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Milo. Best to go with Nasi Lemak and Roti canai.

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Seremban Hakka Mee.

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Pork sausages + bacon, Dutchlady Chocolate milk and Gardenia wholemeal bread.

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Kluang Tau Sar Piah

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Roti Telur

Recycled picture. Read here.
Instant noodle

But this morning, I can't make up my mind of what to eat. Thus, I only make a cup of 3-in-1 Milk Tea.

3 in 1 Milk Tea

And I'm now crazily craving for some DIM SUM !!!

Googled for this picture.
Dim Sum.

1) What do you normally eat for your breakfast?
2) Are you those type who DON'T eat breakfast at all?


  1. Your breakfast are so variety. Mine very simple bread, nasi lemak or cake and of course my Nescafe 3 in 1 keke.

  2. sure! i take my breakfast everyday if not over sleep.

    You have a lot of different breakfast everyday.... cool. i think mine one is simple and fast! bread + milo only hehehehe.

  3. Wow, so many varieties! I eat the same old thing everyday... milk and oats, sometimes with bread or cereal. I enjoy those more yummy stuff like nasi lemak or dimsum only on weekends.

  4. u only took milk tea? n nothing else..? i must have breakfast too, if not, the whole day very lemah.....

  5. Now that I am not working... I go out for breakfast every morning with my mum and her friends. FULL PORTION NOODLES = FAT =.=''

  6. I took the quaker oat religiously every morning, with some japanese cucumber.

  7. Usually I take those leftover foods for bfast. See la, got wud to eat... fried rice is the most common.

  8. vickylow ~ ohh...a coffee lover there. I prefer Milo or milk tea.

    CH Voon ~ Wow...every morning also the same? Not boring? Sometimes, I got so bored with bread and end up buying nasi lemak instead with the half loaf of bread still sitting on the table. hehe...

    Chloe ~ Your breakfast (milk + oat) are the same as hubby every morning. haha... He worked in the workshop, so not so convinnence to eat those yummy breakfast I had. And weekends, he will eat those delicious breakfast just like u.

    Mummy-J ~ Only today I just had milk tea because don't feel like eating anything. But normally, I must eat. Else, before lunch time, my stomach sure 'bising'. haha

    LittleLamb ~ haha....make sure u had your breakfast after reading this.

    Lilhyppo's mummy ~ I only can eat those full portion noodles once in a while (like twice in a month or so). Don't worry bout weight. Eat first, then only decide. haha

    Sheoh Yan ~ Wow...a very healthy and cooling breakfast. I took oats like 3 times a year. haha.. just don't appreciate the taste.

    cleffairy ~ Cleff ! I thought u r a pontianak. Only have night time and no MORNING!! LOL! So u took your breakfast before you sleep?

  9. LOL... you really know what your body need best, what a wholesome breakfast my friend!

    I love breakfast! This morning I had a cup of Ovaltine malt drink( my husband bought for me, but I still prefer Horlick though... more "gao"!), had 2 preheated curry puffs and 2 BBQ Char Siew pao, which we brought from IKEA yesterday! Later I have chipsmore cookies and instant red date water for tea at 10am! (Satisfying)^-^

    Have a nice day to you!

  10. I eat nothing but fruits, fruits and fruits for my breakfast!!

    But I do occasionally like to have half boiled eggs, roti with butter & kaya and coffee or Milo for breakfast! In fact this is my ideal breakfast!

    I can't eat nasi lemak or instant noodles for breakfast! No appetite for those!

    Though milk with corn flakes sound pretty good to me too though I hardly drink milk.

    Dim sum is OK once in a while, but I am not too fond of dim sum actually : )

  11. I MUST eat b'fest everyday, other wise i go blur the wholeday ...:P
    My b'fest is kinda heavy .. like nasi lemak, roti canai, wan tan mee, pau, tim sum..etc .... WITH one teh / teh tarik :P

    Thanks for dropping by my humble blog :P hope to see u again :P

  12. I'm one of those ppl who would rather skip breakfast and sleep. The nasi lemak makes me hungry...haha.

  13. For a moment , I thought all of it wuz for your breakfast this morning! ish! lolz

    Sometimes, a simple cup of tea or coffee is all i have too, especially since if I had a huge meal the night before.

    Have a wonderful week ahead ya! ^_^

  14. Alice Law ~ Wah! U had a very BIG breakfast there! haha....I love Horlick too and chipsmore are something I will munch during my afternoon teabreak. For B'fast, I ate at around 8.30am and that can last me till lunch time at 12 noon.

    foongpc ~ A long comment from you. Thought u will spam my comment box. LOL!

    U had a great start in the morning with fruits platter. So healthy yet so refreshing.

    Same here. My ideal breakfast will be half boiled egg. They are just so addictive sometimes. And yes, I eat bread with butter+kaya too. I missed to post up here.

    Your stomach is not an early bird. haha. Nowadays, nasi lemak comes in very small portion. I seldom take heavy breakfast too.

    Milk + cereal is something I will eat while staying in a hotel which provide free breakfast.

    Once a while indulge in dim sum still ok. My stomach can get indigestion if ate too much. LOL.

    Anggie's Journal ~ Thks for visiting back.

    Wah...a very heavy breakfast indeed. They sure boast your energy to start off the day. Agreed, without breakfast, I will also go blur blur and stomach making noise. haha

  15. I don't have a fixed breakfast menu. But most often it's bread and sometimes it will be oats, nasi lemak etc.

    Have not had dim sum for ages. I love eating dim sum.

  16. I always pour my milo in the plate when i finished the half boiled egg. My dad says it taste better.

  17. Ooh... your breakfast got so much varieties. *jealous* My b/fast normally is nasi lemak or noodle or the Malay kuih/curry puff (always buying from this Malay lady at the office block so no much choice). Sometimes I have cereal with milo (I don't like milk). Weekend usually is wholemeal bread with jam or oat or pancake (hb cook).

    I would love to have half-boiled egg for b/fast... gonna make that during one of the weekend. And I will also drink the milo like Kelvin - pour the milo into the bowl that served half-boiled egg earlier. :D

  18. Wah! You're having your revenge or what!!! So many photos of food!!! You googled some of the photos - last time I did that I got some nasty emails scolding me for using their photos - I guess I linked back to them so they were able to trace... I deleted all - now use my own only.

  19. oh..i normally skip and if i ve time will make a 3 in 1 tea like u in the office.

  20. wow.. the pics u googled all looks very nic! hahaha...

  21. wahhhhh...all my favorite food are up there except the drinksss...

  22. alamak...tengah malam now am hungry ...where to find nasi lemak at 2a.m....just now uLi's blog also have delisious food

  23. You know what I was thinking while scrolling down pix by pix? This mNhL really has a stomach of an elephant ..Oops! For bananaz would be fruits first then 1 half boiled egg, a few slices of bread with jam and cheese with nescafe then banana *mama said got wind if eaten before food???*. Skip lunch have tea at 3pm. *times are bad* also save time going out for lunch. haha. tQ.

  24. I love my cup of coffee or tea (3 in 1 only) in the morning and something sweet to go with it.

    Don't know why I don't really like salty breakfast! :)

  25. Mummy Gwen ~ Ohh...if I have the luxury to sleep, I guess I will skip my breakfast too! haha...

    Gratitude ~ LOL!!! That's just impossible. Even I can't eat that much for lunch and dinner. hahaha.

  26. Mei Teng ~ I've tried oats but don't really fancy the taste. I too have not eaten dim sum for ages. That's y really craving for them.

    Kelvin ~ Wah!!! my uncle used to do that too. He must have 2 half boiled eggs everyday.

    cheeyee ~ Actually not much of varieties because sometimes, I also don't know what to eat. haha
    Cold milk + cereal taste better le.

    Wow...your hubby cook b'fast for you! So sweet.

    U love half boiled eggs too! Very yummy especially add a few drops of soy sauce.

    Haha....can't believe there are people here same as my uncle. He loves to do that too and I think's YUCKY! hehe

    suituapui ~ hahaha...more food post coming up soon.

    aiyo...y those people so selfish. Photos are meant to be share. Moreover,they already uploaded in the web means can let other people view. I would love to use my own photos but some I don't have them in my folder therefore, have to googled for them.

    Mommy Ling ~ Wow...skip b'fast. Can tahan till lunch? My stomach will make noise if I skip. hehe

    SP ~ I had a hard time selecting them actually. There are lots of them and i picked those look tempting just like the 1st pic (half boiled egg).

    reanaclaire ~ So that's your normally breakfast as well. Errmmm.....the drinks u love are coffee?

    smallkucing ~ Aiyo....2am already y still awake? Sleep early for good health.

    Bananaz ~ LOL!!! That's just impossible to stomach all the above food for 1 breakie. hahaha

    That's a heavy breakfast but skipping lunch is something I have not mastered yet. haha..

    Ann ~ Oh...something sweet to start the day!

  27. usually nasi lemak. or fried noodles. or instant noodles. you have so many choices :-).

  28. BoeyJoey ~ haha...some pictures are taken months ago. Not really much choice since everyday also have to eat b'fast to start off the day.

  29. usually i will have mee hoon or nasi lemak or big bun or roti canai with COFFEE! hahhaha. Morning coffee is a must for me. Weekend i will skip breakfast. :)

  30. usually juz bread or milo if i'm in a rush. :)

  31. Annie Q ~ Wow..another coffee lover! I perfer milk tea more. Errmm....weekend you wake up late, so you skip breakfast?

    linjie ~ Thks for visiting. That's what I'm eating this morning. Pretty boring huh. hehe

  32. scrolling down the first few pics. i nearly pengsan-ed.. i thought you eat that much stuff for breakfast... LOL !
    all yr breakfast items are 'Malaysian favourites'

  33. Mine vy simple. On most days, it's bread with butter/jam or biscuits and Milo. My b'fast vy cincai but I eat proper lunch (mostly home-cooked and maybe once a wk tapau from outside).

  34. coffeesncookies ~ LOL! I don't have an elephant stomach. hehe....Normally I will only eat very simple and light breakfast.

    slavemom ~ really very healthy. home-cooked is also cheaper considering the kids have to eat too ya.

  35. For me, I used to eat very proper and on time breakfast. Meaning, I will eat noodles soup at about 8 something. But that was before I married my husband.
    After I married, my breakfast starts later than 8, sometimes 9am.
    And now with Sarah, I only eat "brunch". The main reason is, I have to prepare her breakfast and all the other house chores.

    I am on diet. So my breakfast only eats fruits, orange juice and sometimes cereal.
    And for my "brunch", I will eat meehoon soup.


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