Tuesday, May 25, 2010

F.A.T !!

Last Sunday, we went out for lunch together with SIL + family. During mealtime, I nearly chocked on my food when YX said........

YX : Mama, Why is that uncle so FAT ? (in a loud tone)


He was referring to a man sitting behind our table. I'm not too sure if he heard what YX said, but was hopping he did not. My 1st reaction was to tell YX "Boy, you can't say this so LOUD" !! and quickly turned my head to check what is that uncle's reaction. Phew! I don't think he heard (or maybe he ignore) because he was busy chatting with his friend while enjoying his lunch.

Then, I told YX that next time, please do not pass such remark so LOUD in front of the 'victim' because you will make that someone ANGRY and DISSAPOINTED. As I know he was just curious and wanted to share his honest opinion, I can't stop him. Instead, I advised him to tell me this type of remark when :

1) There are nobody around (only me and you)
2) We left the shop and away from that 'victim'

I really cannot help laughing inside but must still show my serious face, so YX will understand this is VERY WRONG.

Do you have any other better way to advise a child who gave out such a blunt/harsh comment?

Note: I really hope that uncle did not hear that. So sorry uncle !


  1. I can understand how embarass the situation will be. I told my children, those impolite remarks can only be made at home or when no stranger around.

  2. Fret not, adults are usually very forgiving on kids. If the uncle did hear, he'd better take it as a wake up call since kids' words' are true blue. hehe

  3. Haha kids.... they are just too innocently honest. Hopefully YX will remember your advice and won't repeat that again next time :)

  4. hahaha....kids are innocent and they don't pretend at all....that's what i love about children! Yet, it is still important to teach them the importance of knowing what to say or not to say at different times and situations. This incident reminds me about last time when I was in Standard 1, one Eurasian father who was wearing ear-ring came to see my class teacher. When he was about to leave, I asked my teacher quite loudly why the man is weaaring a ear-ring. Immediately my teacher glared and shushed at me! I guess the man heard it too only thing is he didn't show any reaction. LOL!

  5. Hahaha my daughter also doing like that.... in addition, she likes to point at the people too! Alamak! Told her it is very rude. But I guess this is not inside her head yet. :(

  6. Children are like that!!! Pure innocence... Just cannot blame them - but that's sheer honesty, being frank. No pretentious and hypocritical like adults - full of praises (lies) in front, at the back say all the horrible things.

    Well, I'm sure your anak will say the same thing when sees me, like Annie's twins. Love them - so nice, so cute, so sincere...

  7. I think your approach is good already. Just tell him what not to do when you caught him saying remarks as such. They are too young to understand what not to say. I think the uncle doesn't mind geh coz kids this young say things they don't mean.

  8. haha kids is innocent. Good that mommy has gave him the lecture of it.

  9. In loud tune somemore... Somehow, kids are honest.. haha!~

  10. Maybe I'll tell my girl, "it's very rude, it will only make that person feel sad or angry..."
    Never really came up with this situation before... hehe

  11. haha. kids are so innocent kan, they don't mean what they say, but if others heard sure we parents kena wan. alomak!

  12. Sheoh Yan ~ Really embarrasing ya.

    Gratitude ~ LOL!!! HAHAHA....and yes..kids only say the truth ?(at such age la).

    Chloe ~ Ohhh...he is really honest and by doing that, we have to keep shhhh shhhhh all the time. haha

    Alice Phua ~ Aiyo...my boy did that too. He saw 1 guy wearing earring in the shopping center and he was so curious and asked me immediately "Why that koko's ear got something there ?" hahahahaha

    cheeyee ~ *high 5* hahaha....kids...they just can't hide their words.

  13. suituapui ~ ya...children are so pure, so sincere and so honest too! haha

    Mummy Gwen ~ That's the only thing I can think off to tell him NO - NO. Hope he understand. hehe

    vickylow ~ I just have to tell him that's wrong. Even I was laughing inside.

    P & P mum ~ Ya la...cannot control his tone! haha...lucky the restaurant also quite noisy la.

    Linda ~ ooohhh....be prepare for such situation. haha...kids. They always surprises us.

    Irene ~ Ya lor...parents are the one who have to shed the children. haha


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