Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm back to the working world ^_^

Some left comments on my previous post HERE on what were the abbreviations mean. Apologies as I did not state them down at the end of the post. Well, I learnt them via blog too ^_^

SAHM - Stayed at Home Mum
WAHM - Work at Home Mum
FTWM - Full Time Working Mum

MIL came back from her holiday yesterday late afternoon and today, I'm officially back to work. Aaaa...nice feeling to be back to the office as I can go online again without disturbance. LOL!

In that few days when MIL was absence, I enjoyed being a SAHM. I managed to spend quality time with my kids, bond with them and do things together. The most satisfying was to be able to cook for them. Because of my children, I've shaken of the lazy bugs in me and learnt to cook as I want them to eat healthy food. And glad the kids enjoyed their not-so-tasty home-cooked meals. *shy* Their mama is not a good cook.

I've also noticed that YX had somehow grown up as he knows how to take care of his baby sister. When I'm busy, he entertained baby XJ. Makes her laugh and played with her. He even asked baby to drink water and help to bring her empty milk bottle for me to wash. YX, mama very proud of you. I know you will grow up to be a responsible and caring big brother to baby and son to us!

Last but not least, a VERY BIG THANK YOU to the faithful babysitter (television) which managed to keep both kiddos glued to it for hours. Of course in between, the kids will run to look for me but still, that idiot box helped me a lot. LOL !


  1. that is nice :D

    Happy Mothers Day !

  2. Glad to be back at work, sad to be back at work, right? YX is such a good boy. Very "sang sing" :)

  3. Haha, idiot box :D
    Tat box is heaven to children.

  4. it's nice to have a change from our daily schedule right ??

  5. Good boy YX!!! So happy yet so sad to be back at work eh?

  6. Happy Mother's Day and have a nice weekend with your family!

  7. SAHM - Sexy and Hot Mommy :D

    Happy Mother's Day to you and u r so cute to be so happy to be back at work :)

  8. So nice to hear of a positive comment. many people only sigh when they have to get back to work.

    Happy Mother's Day ya! ^_^

  9. Not easy being me......feel tired,but the happiest part is I can see my son grow up everyday,spent most of my time with him.

  10. I can't live without the TV too.. haha
    Happy Mother's day!

  11. Welcome back! :) YX is such a good boy. Glad to know you had everything under control. Well done.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

  12. Wow... your kid is so sweet. :D Happy mother's day to you. :D

  13. I would rather stay home and take care of the kids...and the house...cooked for them and all that...but these days, sometimes no choice - have to work to make ends meet.

    Luckily I was a teacher, taught half day only...during which time, my daughter was also in school - and we spent the rest of the day together until she left home for further studies. That's why we're closer - she does not seem very close to her mum.

  14. smallkucing ~ Same to you. Hope you have an enjoyable Mother's Day celebration this weekends.

    Chloe ~ hahaha....yes. Both glad and sad. YX is indeed a big brother to baby. ;)

    Kelvin ~ errmm....depending on the show. Luckily when I was busy, their fav. cartoon was showing. haha

    coffeesncookies ~ oh yes...a change is really important sometimes. Make us refresh again.

    Lilhyppo's mum ~ haha...true...true...But the feeling with the kids at home are so fun!

    Pete ~ Thks and same to you too. Have a great weekends with your family!

    p & p mum ~ ganbantte to you too! Now u have 2, I can feel your packed timetable too. :)

    Merryn ~ LOL! That type of SAHM does not applies to me. Maybe more to you! Happy Mother's day to you too!

    Gratitude ~ haha....because I just fully recharge my 'battery'. Refresh my mind. LOL. Sometimes, a change is really good.

    Mery ~ Oh yes...can see them grow and see their hidden characters too.

    Linda ~ Oh no....glued to the tv. haha...Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks...and happy Mother's Day to you too!

    cleffairy ~ haha...sweet when they are obedient. Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    suituapui ~ I will rather be that too but NOT when staying with MIL ! hahaha.....However, staying with in-laws does have the good and bad.

    Irene ~ Happy Mother's Day to you too, women!

  15. Oh yes, I agree with you about changing our laziness to cook becos of the children. It's the same for me too. I become more willing to cook even at the mosst inconvenient time all becos of Juan Or (shy to say not becos of my hubby becos I know my hubby is an adult and not helpless, but a young child is helpless so we have to step in to do something).

  16. Alice Phua ~ A dedicated mum. haha.... we just want to feed the kids with healthy food rite. If 'ta pau' from outside, very oily and salty.

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