Friday, May 14, 2010

It's mine !

Last week (Friday), YX brought back his art work from school. MIL placed it near YX's milk powder container because she was afraid she might forget to pass it to me. A good place indeed as during night time when I was going to make milk for both kids, I saw this...............

I quickly took it and asked YX.....

Me : Wah! Did you do this yourself ? (knowing that he only colour the 4 stalk of flowers)
YX : YES ! I did the colouring.
Me : It is for me?
Me : ........ :(

I've since stick it up at the bedroom's wall.


  1. haha, nice!! so how many of these have you posted onto your bedroom wall??

  2. hahaha pity u la... i thought he will give to u hahaha

    but still ok la... he still small right...

  3. Make them express, bet they they will be tremendously good..

    hey have a great weekend ya

  4. Haha same here with C.. she made the bracelet and said it's hers. Kids...

  5. His colouring is very good. Haha...he made the card so it's his. Sometimes they forgot what teacher told them to do e.g: 'give the card to mama' and sometimes they were not paying attention when teacher says something..haha..still young lah. Gwen also blur blur at times.

  6. think ur son loves drawing/ arts a lot..

  7. [SK] ~ So far, he only brought back 3 art works from school. 2 during CNY, 1 for Mother's Day. Looking forward for more! haha

    CH Voon ~ I'm happy his school is doing such activities. Even they don't understand, but they got the exposure.

    eugene ~ Oooo...I scare I will be all in tears. haha

    Chloe ~ hahaha...yes...i remember that post.

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks for the compliment, but I don't think he colour neatly. He stroke left and right. haha....Not sure if his teacher did tell him to pass the card to mama or not. For him, it is just another homework he bought home. haha

    Mummy-J ~ Yes..he likes art a lot. Thinking of sending him to art classes, but still considering.

  8. Hahaha, wats mine is mine and wats urs is also mine XD

  9. Hahaha! The teacher forget to mention to him that was for mummy.

  10. Hahahahaha!!! Poor mummy! Potong steam, ur anak! ROTFL!!!

  11. Hahahahaha sounded like a lil' bit of miscommunication. Or perhaps the lil' one was so proud of the art that he forgot it wuz meant for you. wakakaka

    Btw, so sorry that i accidently erased your comment from my post. I had some problems with posting which resulted in me hvg to repost again; hence ur comment lost. So sorry again ya.

  12. So sweet and not so sweet of him. He could have missed what the teacher told him to do with it. In his mind "I spent so much time and effort drawing and you did nothing and now wanna 'snatch' it away from me no way?" haha. tQ

  13. Wat a pretty artwork! Kindys nowadays r vy good at making the parents feel "important".

  14. It's wonderful art from your boy! LOL... love his honesty! This boy has strong personality!:) Couldn't stop laughing though...hahaha!

    Happy weekend to you!

  15. Nice..i wonder when will be mine turn

  16. Kelvin ~ Don't try to do that to your pathner next time. haha

    Sheoh Yan ~ Hmm...wonder if the teacher forgot or YX did not pay attention in the class. haha

    suituapui ~ Ya lor...potong stim. Make me happy for a while only. haha....Will be looking forward for more to come....

    Gratitude ~ Oh...I think he is too proud on his own art work! haha...

    No worries bout that comment in your post. ;)

    Bananaz ~ haha....he was so scare that I will take it away from him. Now I've pin up on the bedroom's wall, so he can see them everyday and felt appreciated.

    Vicky ~ ;)

    slavemom ~ oh yes...i can't remember doing these during my kindie time ya. It is good to expose the kids and at the meant time, since the mummy and daddy spend so much $$$ sending them to the kindie, they should do something like this to make us happy. haha

    Shenny's mummy ~ I like it too.

    Willie ~ I like it. That's why I've pasted on the bedroom's wall.

    the little prince ~ so sweet from the kindie but not from YX. ;(

    Alice Law ~ Oh ya, he is too honest for this one. haha

    smallkucing ~ don't worry. coming soon. U will get alot when Joshua goes to school. ;)

  17. Very creative card, well done YX.

  18. sure every parent want their children learn something from school. but, it is more depend on teacher - lazy or hardworking. indirectly, it is also depend on ur luck.

  19. lil'bulb ~ Well done to the kindie too to create such a nice card. YX basically only coloured the 4 stalk of flowers.

    CH Voon ~ From the student's performance, we will know if their teacher/s are dedicated one or not. But so far, I'm quite happy with YX's kindie.

  20. nice..happy belated mother's day!

  21. Hahahaha! I guess the teacher must have forgotten to tell him must give that to mommy. :P

  22. Wow, nice! Happy Belated (very belated one) Mother's day to you! :-)

  23. wenn ~ thks...same to u!

    cheeyee ~ errm...maybe YX did not pay attention in the class. haha

    BoeyJoey ~ haha..thks...same to you too!

  24. linjie ~ thks :) A very good effort from the kindie, ya.

  25. LOL, what an anticlimax from a mother's point of view. ^_^


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