Thursday, May 20, 2010

small . BIG

When I was a child, mum used to say that I love to wear her shoes or any other adult's shoes.

Now, baby XJ is doing the same.....

wearing my yellow japanese slipper. She can walk pretty well with this big flap and she can differentiate the left and the right.

Ohh.........wanna help mummy to hang the cloths.


  1. little people doing BIG thins.. haha

  2. Willie and Sheoh Yan ~ :) she always put smiles on my face.

    Linda ~ haha..ya ya...she likes to do adults things and wear adults shoes. Maybe more secure? haha

  3. She's taking over your role... wear mummy's slipper, do mummy's work hehe!

  4. I played with my mum's make-up when I was a kid. Trying on her clothes too. Kids just love playing grown-ups.

  5. Hahahahaha!!!! All children do that! Yet to see any kid that doesn't put on adults' shoes...and they use the mum's make up...apply lipstick all over the face...and they like to cut the hair! Watch out!!! LOL!!!

  6. soon she'll wear your klik klok shoes :P

  7. Cute :D
    Show her these photos when she grow up^^

  8. She is very helpful ler.... haha

  9. My daughter are always eyeing for my heels.
    They won't go for my flip flops.

  10. Cute, my little toddler loves to wear my big sneakers...LOL!

  11. So cute!!

    My boy recently like to wear my shoes too!!

  12. Chloe ~ haha....if she really can help, then MIL and I senang lor. Must train her from young ya. haha

    smallkucing ~ curious with what we adults are doing. hehe

    Mei Teng ~ haha...u too? Mum said I like to wear my dad's big T-shirt. Very naughty ya. haha

    suituapui ~ *gaps* cut hair!!! Hope they don't cut their cloths or pants. I actually did that when I was a kid. haha...

    Lilhyppo's mummy ~ :) she likes to act adult.

    Mummy Gwen ~ ;) Did Gwen try on your cloths, shoes or make up?

  13. coffeesncookies ~ oh, I better keep them high. haha....

    Kelvin ~ Definately will. That;s y I took all these priceless pictures. A good memory.

    p & p mum ~ ya...she like to act big. haha

    Mummy-J ~ some said give birth to daughter is good because when they grow up, they will be a very faithful helper. Hope so. haha

    wendyywy ~ Thks for visiting back. Haha...your daughters are very clever to choose.

    mommy to chumsy ~ LOL !

  14. reanaclaire ~ that i can save a lot of money. Got to train her up now! haha...

    Pete ~ to act big! Hope he did not try to put on your socks too! haha

    Mery ~ so curious to be exact.

    the little prince ~ LOL! Take photo of him doing that. When he grows up, he will treasure those pictures. Hope he did not try on your heels. hehe

  15. hahaha, another year later, she will be wearing your high heels to go shopping~~ :p

  16. haha cute snap photos.

    haiya - buy one small one to her la.. later fall down u baru tahu ...

  17. [SK] ~ haha...she will asked me to buy 1 high heels shoe for her maybe. hehe

    CH Voon ~ Eh, u din read my previous post (Cheap buy at Bata). I already bought 1 cheap shoe for her la even they are a bit big also la. haha.. She has her own shoes, but she prefer to wear mine!

  18. mother, like daughter! :-D

  19. Alice Phua ~ She likes to follow what we adult do. Sometimes so funny. haha

  20. i comment liao baru tengok mah so... heheehee


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