Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unpleasant holidays

Mum and dad just came back from their 8 days China trip to Beijing / Datong / Tianmo. They have never been to Datong and Tianmo, hence when they saw this package, they booked immediately. Of course with the cheap package offer during last year Matta fair. 8 days for only RM1299 nett.

However, many incidents happen during this 8 days tour. A tour which they are so looking forward to come back home ASAP !!

1st unpleasant case - Their flight were delayed to a later hour. Thank goodness their travel agent called up 2 days before departure to inform. Transport from home to airport was provided by the agent. Upon arriving at the airport on the actual day, they were shocked when being told by the flight company that 'NO SUCH FLIGHT' flying to China. After numerous checking, only got to know that their flight was rescheduled (or rather delayed) to the next day (same time).

2nd unpleasant case - Both mum and dad was down with flu and cough. Bad weather in China was the main culprit. The weather during the day time was terribly HOT. They can feel the sun piercing into their skin. While during the night, a sudden change of weather with strong COLD wind. The China tour guide told my dad that such weather only occur about 20 days in a year. But they were just so unlucky to encountered them 3 days straight !

3rd unpleasant case - Mum vomited twice during the trip to Datong. The journey from Beijing to Datong takes about 4 hours. However, the jam was really bad until all vehicles got to halt. Plus the hot and dry weather, mum can't take it and vomited in the bus. Luckily she managed to inform the tour leader on time and provided mum with plastic bags. Else, eeewww.......

4th unpleasant case - Dad came back with an injured knee. He was ok on the whole trip, not until his flight back home. While in the flight, dad was feeling uncomfortable. Hence, he stand up and stretch himself and out of a sudden, he heard 'tick' sound. The next moment, he felt his knee was very heavy and he got to limb while walking. The next day, dad got to look for the 'tukang urut' master to give his leg a message and was told that the knee cap loosen and agitated the vein. Now, he got a bandaged knee.

5th unpleasant case - Mum's nose and lip cracks. Leaving some hard crust and I bet that will take days to recover.

Both mum and dad are still down with flu. Hopefully they will recover soon. So I jokingly said " You guys paid $$$ to suffer" !


  1. It is so true like what you said, paid $$ and suffered. I hate to get sick while travelling too, it was spoiling all the entire happy mood. I hope your parents get well soon.

  2. oh boy hope they get well soon. My dad also came back from china having lips cracrack cos of the weather. It was bcos he did not wear lip balm.

  3. Sometimes the tour travelling schedule too hectic also stress lor,end up suffer because wanna have fun :( Hope they get well soon!

  4. aiyoh, very terrible trip lor.. but the most ridiculous thing is that the travel agency mistaken the flight schedule, so you have to go back home from airport, and go again the next day?? gosh..

    but the other unpleasant stories really can say you are not fortunate lor, and worse all happened in a single trip.. :p

  5. Sheoh Yan ~ Yea...they don't even have mood to do shopping. Instead, they look for farmasi to buy medicine. haha

    Mommy Ling ~ My mum puts a lot of lip balm but still does not help. But my dad no prob.

    Beii ~ the journey and weather is the culprit.

    [SK] ~ Not the travel agent fault. The airline company FAULT! They rescheduled the flight to the next day and never informed. The travel agent already publish a complaint in the chinese newspaper. Yea...home - airport - home - airport again. And yes....all happen in 1 single trip. very charm.

  6. Oh.. hope you have better trip next time...

  7. People love going to China. If I had the money, that would be one of the last places I would go to... I prefer western countries - the UK, New Zealand... Not into Asian places so much.

  8. Travelling always has its ups and downs. I experienced a seriously bad flight delay a few years ago. We had to put up at the hotel before the next flight out.

  9. Hope everything will be fine at your end....

  10. Travelling is like that lor... you'll never know what can happen. The most important thing is that they came home safely :)

  11. Haiyo...kesian them arrive airport and being told delayed to next day. Terrible.

    Hope your parents will get over their nasty experience and next trip would be better

  12. p & p mum ~ its my parents. They have been travelling so many times and can't believe this is the 1st time they have so many unpleasant incidents.

    suituapui ~ Actually China are quite a nice place to visit (unless those remote area). And another factor is the exchange rate. Western countires too expensive to travel. hehe

    Mei Teng ~ ya...early early already spoil the mood of travelling. hehe

    uLi ~ Thks. My parents are recovering well.

    Chloe ~ Oh yes...thank goodness they came back safely.

    smallkucing ~ They arrived at the airport around 5 am. So poor thing. Thks....and this is the 1st time they are experiencing such bads after travelling for so many times.

  13. aiyo, u make me scared liao, i m going to china for holiday in july,hopefully everything is ok ...

  14. So sorry to know about your parents travelling story. I hope they are feeling better now. Travelling to another country which we is unfamiliar territory to us is really unpredictable.

  15. Mummy-J ~ Which part of China? Don't worry. The hottest day already over. Don't think you will encounter them. hehe....

    Mummy Gwen ~ Thks. They are recovering.

  16. aiyo, u make me scared liao, i m going to china for holiday in july,hopefully everything is ok ...

  17. Travelling always has its ups and downs. I experienced a seriously bad flight delay a few years ago. We had to put up at the hotel before the next flight out.

  18. Oh.. hope you have better trip next time...


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